Roadside UXO Forces Highway Closure in Texas

Flat, Texas Authorities in Coryell County have reopened State Highway 36 after an unusual UXO response. According to the Coryell County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to the area where they confirmed the presence of an "unexploded and damaged" white phosphorous canister.

The Sheriff's Office said EOD from Fort Cavazos' 752nd Ordnance Company responded to render the canister safe. The ordnance was transported by EOD to Fort Cavazos for disposal, and the road was reopened.

Coryell County Sheriff's Office issued a statement reminding citizens that UXO poses a "significant threat to life and property." Anyone who finds a suspected ordnance is asked to practice the three Rs: recognize, retreat and report to local law enforcement. The Coryell County Sheriff's Office also thanked the Texas Department of Public Safety, Flat Fire Department, and the 752 Ordnance Company EOD for their assistance.

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