Warning Issued to Trespassers at An Army Training Range

Angus, Scotland Numerous reports of people racing bikes, scooters and ATVs at Barry Buddon Camp have led to a stern warning from police. The warning comes in addition to signs posted at the British Army training center about potential dangers from UXO.

In a public release, local police announced the following - "There has been substantial damage caused to Ministry of Defence property, such as shooting ranges and safety gates. The public should also be aware that there are often unexploded devices found in the area which also pose a risk to their own safety."


Warning Issued after Suspected UXO Goes Missing

Dartford, Kent, UK Police issued a warning after a potentially dangerous ordnance item, initially found in a Kent river then left on a wall, disappeared before police arrived to inspect it. Police fear someone may have taken what is believed to be an explosive shell home with them after finding it on the wall.

The suspected UXO was found in the river by a fisherman who placed then left it on the wall for authorities. Kent Police Inspector Shona Lowndes said, "Explosives experts have not yet had the opportunity to inspect and assess whether this item is harmless or poses any dangers. We cannot discount that someone may have picked it up and perhaps taken it home or left it somewhere else. Anyone who has had contact with this item, or knows of its whereabouts, is urged to contact police immediately."

Marines Remind Recreational Boaters of UXO Threat

MCB Camp Lejeune, North Carolina With the increase in recreational boat traffic in Pamlico sound, officials at MCB Camp Lejeune are reminding the public of the no trespassing policy in effect at Browns Island, a former bombing target.

A press release issued by the Base reiterates the waterway restrictions for creeks and tributaries leading to and around Browns Island due to frequent live-fire exercises conducted near the area as well as UXO in and around Browns Island.


The Society of Religious Friends Honored for Donations

Schonstedt Instrument Company, in partnership with the United Nations Mine Action Service and the US Department of State, continues to deploy donated magnetic locators to underserved countries through the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative. To date, more than 500 units have been shipped to demining teams in 28 countries.

The Society of Religious Friends (Quakers) of Woodstown, NJ has been responsible for the donation of over 100 of those units, and was recently honored by the US Department of State, Bureau of Political - Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement at a ceremony in Washington, DC. Frank Lenik and Jack Mahon accepted a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Woodstown Monthly Meeting for its members' ongoing contributions to the dramatic reduction in civilian deaths and injuries from landmines and unexploded ordnance.


British Police Warn Residents to Watch For UXO

British Poster

Devon, United Kingdom Police launched a public awareness campaign to warn residents about the potential dangers from UXO. Recent ordnance finds along the beaches on South Hams, Slapton Sands, and Torcross have prompted the campaign. Police are warning residents to be especially careful after large storms as ordnance has the potential of washing ashore.


Munitions Souvenir Video

An interesting video developed by the Army to remind soldiers not to take home UXO as a souvenir. The training is based upon the three R's safety program - Recognize, Report, & Retreat and features Private Puttin'Head and Private Clueless. Use the more button below to view the video.


Military Munition Amnesty Day at Guernsey

Camp Guernsey, Wyoming Answering a call to eliminate the hazards imminent in housing old military munitions, residents will be able to dispose of such ordnance during Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center's military munition amnesty day at the end of this month.

The center announced that it will hold the amnesty day on October 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. During this time, people are encouraged to dispose of military munitions with no questions asked. Any ammunition that is safe to move may be dropped off at the camp. Anyone possessing military ammunition that is considered too dangerous to move, may contact the camp directly.

Ordnance Awareness Training For Lifeguards

Ocean City, Maryland The Ocean City Fire Marshal's Office provides yearly UXO awareness training for lifeguards to prepare them for explosives emergency situations. Although UXO discoveries in Ocean City are rare, several former ranges including Assateague Island, a former rocket and bombing range near Ocean City have resulted in UXO finds over the years.


UXO Awareness Training Scheduled for Nantucket

Nantucket, Massachusetts The USACE New England District plans to hold public UXO safety awareness training this month to educate area residents on the hazards of UXO associated with the Nantucket Beach FUDS. The FUDS is located in the Tom Nevers Area and consists of approximately 2,900 acres of land. The land was initially leased by the U.S. Government from September 1943 until June 30 1946 to support operations at the Quonset Naval Air Station including aerial rocket and gunnery training.


Airbag Handing and Disposal, An International Explosive Safety Issue

Christchurch, New Zealand Auto recycling and dismantling is a large and growing business in most modern countries. In New Zealand alone, it is estimated that 30,000 vehicles are scrapped or crushed each year for recycling purposes. Approximately 20 percent of those vehicles contain air bags with live energetic loaded cartridge actuated devices (CADs). Although safe guards, such as removing batteries from vehicles prior to dismantling, are effective in stopping electronic initiated CADS from functioning during the dismantling process, there are no standard regulations regarding how to safely dispose of airbags once they are out of the vehicles.


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