UXO Response  Who Has the Lead

Fort Gordon, GA Utility crews digging a new trench for a water supply line just outside Fort Gordon encountered a mortar round. Army officials at Fort Gordon contacted the local police department since the UXO was found outside of the military installation.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office bomb squad responded and positively identified the item as a military munition. Following the discovery, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office described their role as one of assistance, saying Fort Gordon authorities "have operational command of the incident at this time." However, a Fort Gordon spokesperson stated to press covering the story, "the incident was outside the grounds of the post, so the sheriff's agency had the lead role."

Former Bomb Disposal Tech Dies of Coronavirus Complications

Riverside County, California David Werksman, a 22-year deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department died of complications due to the coronavirus. Werksman joined the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in 1998, working in the jails, on patrol before joining bomb squad, an assignment he held for 11 years before moving into the Sheriff's Department's administration unit, handling public records requests.



Donated Grenade Leads to Goodwill Evacuation

Lake Worth Beach, Florida A Goodwill Outlet Center was evacuated after the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad responded to a call of a grenade in the building. Reportedly the grenade (specific type not reported) was found in a box with other donated material. The bomb squad safely removed the grenade from the building and people were allowed back into the center.

Grenade Scare at Retirement Community

Hingham Massachusetts The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad responded to a call of a grenade at Linden Ponds, a continuing care retirement. Family members found the grenade during a visit with their 95-year old relative who lives at the facility.

The family member reportedly moved the grenade outside away from the buildings and other residents before calling the police. The bomb squad determined that the grenade was an inert replica. Authorities checked the apartment unit for other potentially dangerous items but no other items were located. Although it did not contain an hazard, the resident turned over the replica grenade to the bomb squad for disposal.

Unexploded Avalanche Charge Removed

Breckenridge, Colorado An unexploded avalanche charge was found in the area of Peak 7 on National Forest land in Summit County. Although the county is under State 1 Fire Restrictions which prohibits the use of any explosives, an exemption was granted to allow the local sheriff's office to counter charge the device to dispose of the hazard.



Grenade Found Buried in Milwaukee Mud

Oak Creek, Wisconsin Police and Milwaukee County bomb squad responded to a residence following reports of a hand grenade found buried in the mud by a landscaping crew. Bomb disposal officers determined it to be an M67 hand grenade. Upon inspection, the bomb disposal officer deemed it inert and of no danger. It was removed from the property for proper disposal.

100 Year Old Dynamite Found in Shed

Loweswater, United Kingdom a man clearing out an old storage shed on his rural property called police after he found six sticks of dynamite and six detonators. Two of the dynamite sticks were in a wooden box alongside the detonators, which were in a small tin and wrapped in a newspaper dated 1901.

Police responded and cordoned off the area and before taking photos to send to a bomb disposal team based in Catterick. The bomb squad instructed personnel not to handle or move the items as they prepared to send a team to respond.

The bomb squad arrived and carefully relocated the items to a hole they dug in a nearby field away from the farmhouse. The items were safely destroyed in a disposal shot.

Hand Grenades Found Along Roadside

Hurlock, Maryland Police responded to call from a resident who reported finding over 3 dozen hand grenades while collecting recyclables near a road. The State Fire Marshal office reported that 38 grenades were recovered in all including 9 that were live. Of the remaining, 19 had a fuse but no explosive filler and 10 were inert.

The State Fire Marshal bomb squad safely disposed of the munitions with no injuries or property damage reported. Authorities are conducting an investigation to determine the origin of the grenades and the circumstances regarding their disposal on the side of the road.

Standoff Results in Surprise UXO Find

Weldon Springs, Missouri When authorities were called in to calm down a potentially suicidal man in Weldon Springs, they found another dangerous matter at the scene. Following a brief standoff, after which the man was subdued, police found a potential UXO inside his vehicle.

Local businesses were evacuated and the surrounding area was cleared. The St. Charles County bomb squad along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and FBI bomb squads worked together on this incident. They believe the UXO was possibly a WWII bazooka round. The ordnance was taken care of by the combined EOD teams, and the area was opened back to the public.

Bomb Squad Responds to a Cache of War Souvenirs

Richfield, Utah A local resident was combing through her elderly father's belongings when she came across some old ordnance items. She rightfully contacted authorities immediately.



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