UXO Found in Trash Bag in Residential Area

Oahu, Hawaii A landscaping crew clearing a cut tree found a plastic bag containing a mortar round. The crew called the Honolulu police to report the find. The police responded with technical support from a bomb disposal team. Nearby residents were evacuated as the technicians investigated the item. The munition, identified as a live mortar round, was transported to Schofield Barracks for proper disposal.

Authorities are unsure how the mortar round ended up in the area but suspect that someone discarded it there along with other household trash. A search of the area did not reveal any additional munitions.

Grenade Donated to Charity Causes Bomb Scare

Great Falls, Montana A worker at the Easter Seals-Goodwill donation center came across a grenade mixed in with a box of recently donated household goods. The manager of the center called the police to report the find. The police responded and evacuated the building before calling the Air Force EOD unit from Malmstrom Air Force Base for technical support. EOD responded and identified the grenade as a hollow inert training round. EOD confiscated the round for proper disposal since it was not owned by anyone. A search of the facility did not reveal any additional munitions. It is unknown at this time who made the donation and why.

Suspect Munition Items Found By Divers

Honolulu, Hawaii Divers inspecting the discharge pipe at the Kahe Power Plant discovered an item in the water that resembled a munition. The divers called the Honolulu Police to report the find and described the items as a five foot long cylindrical body with fins and a propeller.

The police responded with technical support from the bomb squad. As a safety precaution the surrounding area was sealed off while the bomb squad investigated. Thinking that the item was a torpedo, the bomb squad called the Navy for assistance in identifying the suspect munition. EOD identified the device as a directional buoy, not a munition item. The buoy was safely removed without incident.

High Explosives Found In Cemetery

New York, New York A volunteer working at the Marble Cemetery on East Second Street in lower Manhattan found a plastic bag containing explosives. The police responded and evacuated the nearby area while a bomb squad investigated. The bomb squad identified the explosives as six blocks of military grade C4 explosives. No detonators or blasting caps were found. The bomb squad safely removed the explosives for proper disposal.


Explosive Charge Found During Road Expansion Project

Folsom, California A construction crew working on the Highway 50 expansion project between El Dorado Hills Boulevard and Bass Lake Road found an unexploded charge along the center divide. The crew called the police who responded with technical support from the bomb squad. The device was reportedly a decade old charge left over from a previous construction project that involved rock blasting. The highway was closed while the bomb squad safely removed the item for proper disposal.

WWII Era Practice Grenade Found Repacked With Explosives

Winder, Georgia An old WWII era hand grenade was found near the home of Eva Elder, the Barrow County Commissioner. The grenade was found in a ditch by relatives of the Commissioner near the end of the driveway. The Commissioner's family called the police to report the find. The police responded with technical support from the University of Georgia Police Bomb Squad. The bomb squad identified the munition as a WWII era practice grenade that had been re-packed with explosives. The police did not indicate the type of explosive filler used. An investigation is underway to determine how the munition ended up in the residential neighborhood. The sheriff's office reported that at this time there is nothing to indicate that the grenade was placed to threaten or harm the Commissioner.

Unexploded Grenade Donated to Church Yard Sale

Bishop Auckland, United Kingdom Volunteers sorting through items donated to a church yard sale came across a hand grenade in a box with pots, pans, and other kitchen household goods in it. The 84-year old woman who found the grenade knew the potential hazards associated with the UXO from her time spent in a munitions factory during WWII. She immediately cleared the other volunteers out of the room then called the police.


Estate Sale Turns Up UXO

River Falls, Wisconsin Customers going through items at an estate sale came across some old ammunition cans. As the customers were handling and opening the cans, they noticed that one of them appeared to contain ordnance. The customers notified the estate sale management team who in turn called the River Falls Police Department. The police responded with technical support from the Marathon County Bomb Squad. Nearby residents were evacuated and streets were closed as bomb technicians investigated the ordnance.


Man Finds Artillery Projectile During Garage Clean Out

Colorado Springs, Colorado A man clearing out an old garage came across a large artillery projectile among the collection of material in storage. The alarmed man called the police who responded with bomb technicians from the Colorado Springs Police Department. The bomb technicians called Fort Carson EOD for support after verifying that the round was a military munition. EOD responded and identified the round as a "live" 152mm projectile. Reportedly, the round was purchased at an Army surplus store nearly 35 years ago from a previous tenet. The round identified as "live", had not been fired. The exact type of 152mm projectile was not reported. EOD safely removed the round from the garage and properly disposed of it.

Homeowner Finds Blasting Cap In Garden

Norristown, Pennsylvania a homeowner digging in his garden uncovered a small cylindrical object about 2 inches long with markings indicating that it contained explosives. The man called the Montgomery County Sherriff's office who responded with a Bomb Disposal unit. The responding bomb technicians identified the item as an unexpended commercial blasting cap. Authorities suspect that the blasting cap may have been left over from when the houses were constructed in the area. Concerned over the potential for other blasting caps, the Bomb Disposal Technicians conducted a survey of the area but did not find any additional blasting caps or any other hazardous material. The blasting cap was safely disposed of by the Bomb Disposal unit without incident.

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