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On this Memorial Day, would like everyone to remember the great service and the sacrifices made by the men and woman who have served or are currently serving to keep our country safe. Thank you for your service. In the words of President Ronald Reagan:

"Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world. A veteran does not have that problem."

We especially like to thank those who have served or are currently serving in EOD and remember those who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom.



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School Evacuated Over Ordnance Concerns

Wells, United Kingdom Police were called to Alderman Peel High School following reports that a student brought ordnance which he found on the beach to school. After seeing what was described as a corroded cylindrical metal object about 5 inches in length that looked suspicious, the principal evacuated the school and called the police.

Police called in an EOD team to investigate the item. EOD confirmed that the item was not hazardous and the school was re-opened to students. Police did remove the item from the school and thanked school officials for calling them to report the find. The police did states that the student had not acted maliciously, but rather brought in his beach find to "show his friends."

Warnings Issued For Unexploded Avalanche Control Explosives

Denver, Colorado the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) issued a warning for hikers to be aware of UXO as they traverse many trails and pathways through the mountains. Due to the record avalanche season across the state, over 1,500 explosives were deployed statewide in avalanche control efforts. Of those, 22 failed to explode and were recorded as duds.

Although CDOT has dispatched a team to look for the UXO, there is a chance that members of the public may encounter the items before CDOT finds them. CDOT is warning hikers to stay clear of any suspect items and report findings to law enforcement for proper follow up.

BBQ Grill Lid Mistaken for Sea Mine

Cornwall, United Kingdom part of a popular beach was cordoned off by police after it was a reported that a suspect item resembling a sea mine washed ashore. The Coastguard and police responded and setup a 150 foot exclusion zone around the item as they awaited for a Royal Navy EOD to arrive.


EOD based in Plymouth in the early evening to investigate. According to reports from the incident, initial design features of the item including the shape, size and condition suggested that they item was a sea mine. However, after further investigation and removal of sand, the item was found to be the lid of a barbecue.


Highway Closed Temporarily After UXO Reported

Fairbanks, Alaska A portion of Richardson Highway was shut down by Alaskan State Troopers for about two hours after a 28-year old resident reported a possible UXO in the road. The resident reported seeing a 61 mm mortar round along mile post 352.

State troopers contacted Eielson AFB's EOD unit for assistance as they responded to the scene. The Alaska Department of Transportation was also called in to erect temporary detour signs and barricades.

However, after further investigation the suspect item turned out not to be a mortar or even a munition at all as authorities identified the item as a part of a driveshaft from a vehicle. After the scene was clear, the highway was reopened to traffic.

German Bomb Techs "Squash" the Report of UXO Find

Bretten, Germany An 81-year-old German man called police claiming to have found a WWII-era bomb in his garden. Police responded to the scene and were relieved to find that the "bomb" turned out to be a particularly large zucchini plant.



Beachgoers Report Suspicious Munition Item

Salcombe, United Kingdom A Royal Navy bomb disposal team was called to the area of Rickham Sands after tourists spotted what they thought was a UXO partially buried in the sand.



Happy 4th of July From

Wishing all our readers a very happy and safe 4th of July holiday. As we celebrate the birth of a country, UXOInfo honors all who fought for that independence and those who continue to serve to insure those freedoms.

We especially like to thank all of those who have served and those who continue to serve in EOD. We also like to thank and recognize the civilian bomb disposal community as well who undoubtedly will be busy on this holiday responding to fireworks related incidents.

We know that our readers understand and respect the hazards from explosives. So, this reminder that fireworks are dangerous and should only be handled by trained professionals is for the general public.

Have a happy and safe 4th - From

Happy Veteran's Day from UXOInfo

Today marks one of the most important days on the calendar! A heartfelt thanks from the Staff to all who have served the United States of America as a member of the military.

We salute your tireless dedication and sacrifice and send out a special thanks to our EOD brothers and sisters who have kept us safe from threats of UXO in the US and abroad. This is your day - have a great one!

Halloween Was No "Treat" for Fort Bragg Officials

Fort Bragg, North Carolina A soldier made a poor choice when he decided to dress up as a suicide bomber for Halloween. The costume, complete with a simulated explosive vest, caused an emergency response at Fort Bragg when he attempted to gain access to the Base through one of the access control points.

In a written statement about the incident, officials said, "The incident resulted in an emergency response, EOD clearing the entire scene and an extended closure of a gate." It was determined that the soldier was wearing a Halloween costume, but a reminder was issued that such costumes are banned on the Base.


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