Display Ordnance Reportedly Contained Live Detonator

Nhulunbuy, Australia A donation of WWII era historical artifacts resulted in a bomb disposal response by local police. The items donated by an elderly history enthusiast included several various ordnance items and related debris. The man reportedly had the items in his house for years after finding the items on a former property he owned near the airport.

Believing the items were safe, the man took the items with him when he moved 600 miles away to his current house where he used the munition items as bookends for years. Apparently the wife got tired of the items on display at the house and forced the man to get rid of them.



Family War Souvenir Turns Out To Be Live

Lexington County, South Carolina Deputies on the Lexington County Sheriff's Department Bomb Disposal team were called to a residential property after the resident requested assistance with an ordnance item. The resident told authorities that the round, identified as a WWII era 40mm anti-aircraft round was a souvenir that had been in the family for decades. However, recently a friend of the family thought the round was live and encouraged the owner to call the police.

As it turns out, the bomb disposal team did find that the item was indeed live. The item was safely removed from the house for proper disposal.

Hoarder Home Houses Suspected UXO

San Diego, California Police, firefighters and the bomb squad responded to a home in Mira Mesa following reports of suspected military ordnance. The scare prompted the evacuation of several homes in the neighborhood while officials searched the cluttered house for possible incendiary devices.

According to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, there were several hundred rounds of ammunition and at least a dozen military ordnance left behind by a deceased relative of the family. Items included mortar rounds, shoulder rocket launch-type shells and various handgun ammunition. All ordnance was deemed inert and removed from the scene.

Souvenir Found To Have Live Signal Cartridge

Whitman, Florida The grandson of a Navy veteran cleaning out a garage owned by the family came across an old souvenir his father brought home from his time in the Navy -- a miniature practice bomb. The practice bomb had been in the home for nearly 80 years tucked away in a garage.

The grandson who found the device reported seeing a charge in the tail fin assembly of the bomb. He took a picture of the device on his phone and showed it to the police at the station.



Fire Investigation Leads to Mortar Discovery

Ashland, Minnesota A surprising discovery was made during an investigation following a garage fire in Ashland. The Fire Captain conducting the investigation came across two M69 mortar rounds. He evacuated the site and called in the support of state EOD experts.

The Minnesota Air National Guard 148th Fighter Wing's EOD team from Duluth called to examine the two rounds confirmed they were inert M69 practice and training rounds, presenting no danger. Officials believe the munitions were souvenirs owned by a now-deceased National Guard member who lived in the house.


Hand Grande Found in Deceased Vets Garage

Northbridge, Australia A woman clearing out her 91-year-old-mother's garage called police after her son found a grenade. Police responded with Australian Defence Force (ADF) EOD who determined the grenade to be safe. EOD took possession of the grenade for proper disposal.



Military Munition Found In Residential Basement

Parsippany, New Jersey A residential property was evacuated after a military munition item found in the basement was reported to police. The Morris County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad arrived and secured the scene. The bomb squad determined that the item was inert and did not pose a threat. Authorities suspect the item was an old souvenir.

News of a Munitions Find Sparks a Call to Police

Blakeney, Norfolk, United Kingdom After seeing a local news report about an amateur treasure hunter finding a munition, a woman realized she had two similar devices on her shelf that she found some 20 years earlier. She phoned the local police who responded with a bomb squad an Army EOD unit. EOD identified the munitions as 30mm practice projectiles (exact MK / Mod not reported). Although not considered hazardous, EOD took possession of the items for proper disposal.

That's Not A Soccer Ball In My Garage

Mitchell, South Dakota A Civil War cannonball that was found in a garage in Wessington Springs was destroyed by the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron EOD Unit which is based out of Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Cannonball Garage


Show and Tell Shell

Southampton, United Kingdom Over 1,000 students were evacuated from a school after a student brought an ordnance item to school. The ten inch tip of a shell was brought in by a student who wanted to share the item during the school's commemorations of the Battle of the Somme, known as the bloodiest battle of WWI.

The student found the item on a family trip to a Dorset firing range. A teacher was rightfully worried about the safety of the shell and police were contacted. They evacuated the building, cordoned off the area and called in EOD. The item was confirmed to be part of an old military shell and was removed by EOD for disposal.

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