Hiker Stumbles Upon UXO

Okanagan, British Columbia A hiker stumbled across a UXO in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. The UXO was the 2nd to be found in the matter of months as the property once served as a WWII Canadian Forces training area.

A Canadian Forces EOD unit was called in to respond to the two finds with the most recent find shown below identified as a live WWII era mortar round.


Boy Discovers Ordnance In River

Willoughby Hills, Ohio A 12-year old boy playing and wading in the Chagrin River near the Eagle Road Bridge when he noticed an odd-shaped object among the rocks in the water. Curios, the boy picked up the 20-pound item and carried it through the river and back to his home.

When his mother noticed what her son brought home, she immediately contacted police who responded to their home, with the Lake County Bomb Disposal Unit. Bomb technicians set up a perimeter for them to safely remove the shell, which was placed in an explosive containment unit and taken to another location for safe disposal.



UXO found On Gower Beach

Whiteford Sands, South Wales South Wales Police and Oxwich Coastguard Rescue Team responded to Gower Beach after a member of the public came across ordnance. Coastguard responders contacted the Royal Logistic Corps Bomb Disposal Team out of Hereford.



Ordnance Found on Lava Field

Big Island, Hawaii A civilian exploring the lava fields of Mauna Loa found an the aft end of an ordnance sticking out of the lava. Wondering if the ordnance had gone through the wall of the lava tube, the man entered the tube and saw the front end protruding through the ceiling.



Another Magnet Fishing UXO Find

Leicester, United Kingdom A 48-year old man recovered an ordnance item out of the River Soar while magnet fishing. The man, who is part of the Northants Magnet Fishing group, was keen enough to know to back away and notify authorities.



UXO ? Just Ask Google

Kewstoke, United Kingdom A young boy walking along North Somerset beach found spotted a suspicious object among the rocks. The boy called his father over to take a closer look. Concerned that the item appeared to be ordnance related, the father used his phone to ask Google what to do - and was given the response 'dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.'



UXO Found Under Idaho Highway Bridge

Boise, Idaho Two UXO items were found during construction under Idaho Highway 45 bridge over the Snake River, according to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). The first device was found on October 31 when divers were inspecting the base of the bridge pier underwater. The contractor notified the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, which contacted a bomb squad from the Nampa Police Department to retrieve the explosive device.



Home Construction Project Results in UXO Find

Te Puke, New Zealand A construction crew working on a residential construction project halted operations after finding a munition item. They called the police who responded and evacuated several nearby homes. The police contacted the New Zealand Defence Force bomb squad based in Auckland for technical assistance.



Work Crew Finds UXO

Suffolk, Virginia Suffolk Fire and Rescue and the Suffolk Police Department responded to a report of an UXO in the 6900 block of Armstead Avenue. The item was found by a crew working in the area.


Police closed Armstead Road while Navy EOD responded to the location to remove the item. The area where the UXO was found was reportedly part of the former Nansemond Ordnance Depot that was active during WWI and WWII.

That's No "Peace Pipe" - That's a UXO!

Basildon, United Kingdom While treasure hunting with his wife in Pitsea, a man came across what he believed to be an old pipe. Luckily for the two, the man was knowledgeable enough to recognize that the pipe he had dug up was actually a munition item.

He contacted police, who in turn contacted a Ministry of Defense Bomb Squad. The bomb squad arrived and identified the item as WWII era ordnance (exact type and nomenclature not reported). The item was safely and successfully detonated by the bomb squad to eliminate any threat.


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