Beach Cleaner Handles Dangerous Debris

Ypao Beach, Guam A volunteer picking up debris at the Gov. Joseph Flores Beach Park in Guam found something even more dangerous than the usual old nails and broken glass. He found an item which appeared to be a grenade. Not knowing what it was, he picked up the device and placed it at a nearby lifeguard tower.

The man continued with his beach cleanup before notifying authorities of the object which was later deemed a UXO. A portion of the Ypao Beach shoreline was evacuated for about an hour while emergency personnel and Navy EOD Mobile Unit 5 Detachment Marianas responded to secure the munition.

UXO Found Along River Bank

Monmouthshire, Wales The Chepstow Coastguard was called to investigate reports of a possible UXO along the banks of river Severn on the Welsh coast. The UXO was found less than 1,000 feet from the Black Rock picnic area. After the Coastguard verified that the item reported was indeed ordnance related, a Royal Navy bomb disposal unit was called in. The WWII era munition (shown below) was safely disposed of by EOD.

Charston Bomb

Ft. Belvoir EOD Remove Ordnance from Historic Building

Richmond, Virginia A construction crew uncovered a small cache of ordnance while rehabbing a historic building in Richmond. Workers contacted police after finding hand grenades and large-caliber ammunition.

The ordnance was estimated to be at least 30 years old. Because officials identified the items as military ordnance, an EOD team from Fort Belvoir was dispatched to respond. Area streets were shutdown during rush hour to allow for safe removal of the munitions.

Time to "Shed" That Old Ordnance

Gagetown, Canada A team from the 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown was dispatched to Prince Edward Island on Monday to take care of an old military ordnance that had been stored in a shed in Goose River for years. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received notice of the device and secured the area until the EOD team arrived.


Live Projectile Found At Construction Site

Galesville, Wisconsin Construction workers discovered an old artillery round during excavations. The workers notified the police who evacuated the area while members of a bomb squad from the 934th Airlift Wing in Minneapolis X-rayed on the shell.

The round, identified as 75 mm US projectile (exact type not reported) was determined to be live. The severely deteriorated round was safely moved to a secure area for disposal through open detonation.

Encrusted, Embedded UXO Found on UK Coast

Angus, United Kingdom An old military ordnance was uncovered on Montrose Beach in Angus. A private citizen reported the find to he UK Coastguard. The munition was encrusted, corroded and stuck in rocks.

The Montrose Coastguard Rescue Team was sent to examine the item who confirmed it was indeed military ordnance. An EOD team was called to dispose of the device.

Angus, OK UXO

Munitions Find Halts Warehouse Demolition

Detroit, Michigan A demo crew tearing down an old warehouse encountered more than the normal construction debris when they found four old artillery shells.

The crew called the police who responded with technical support from the local bomb squad. The four shells were found to be inert and safely relocated. It is unknown how the munitions ended up in the warehouse of how long they have been there.

Warhouse Munitions

Anti-tank Round Discovered Behind Body Shop

Omaha, Nebraska The Omaha State Police Bomb Squad was called to the Keystone Trail after a citizen discovered a suspect military ordnance behind a collision repair shop.

The local bomb squad responded and safely disposed of the item (shown below). It is unknown how the munitions ended up behind the shop.

Fish Net Find

Woman Uncovers Munition On Beach

San Francisco, California A woman combing the beach with a metal detector in the Fort Funston area was shocked to uncover a munition item after she dug on a target. The woman called the police who responded with a bomb squad to provide technical assistance. The bomb squad removed the munition, reported as a mortar, from the area.

Fort Funston was a former harbor defense installation located in the southwestern corner of San Francisco. Formerly known as Lake Merced Military Reservation, the area is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA). Fort Funston is listed in the FUDS inventory as a MMRP site. It is unknown if the munition found was within the boundary of the known FUDS property.


Holy UXO!

Lawton, Oklahoma EOD from Fort Sill responded to a church where an explosive device was found by a child in an alleyway. The child's mother contacted police who notified the 761st EOD detachment.

The item was determined to be a training round and was removed from the scene. It is unclear how the munition ended up in the alleyway.

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