Artillery Round Removed from Rhode Island Home

Cranston, Rhode Island Police said a WWII artillery round was found at a home in Cranston. The State Fire Marshal's Office and Bomb Squad responded to safely remove the munition. There were no further details provided from Authorities but an image from the report appears to show a 75 mm shrapnel shell.

Farmer Finds Pineapple (Grenade) in Cornfield

Toledo, Ohio The Hancock County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a Hancock County farm after farmer Levi Haselman found what he believed to be a hand grenade while inspecting his cornfield. According to deputies, the suspect item resembled a MK 2 grenade.

"I just knelt down and noticed a rust sticking up top like a piece of metal or something that broke off a tillage tool. So, I actually grabbed it and pulled it out of the ground and realized what it was, and I already had it in my hands," Haselman told reporters. He then notified authorities.


9-Year-Old Digs up Grenade in his Backyard

East Devon, England A young boy was searching for bones in his garden in East Devon he unearthed a military relic that prompted a bomb squad response. Nine-year-old George Peniston-Bird dug up the device then ran into the house to tell his mother about it.

Skeptical at first, she called the non-emergency response line but was quickly put through to 999. Police responded approximately 20 minutes later.


Police Tackle Man With Grenade Simulator

Hallettsville, Texas The Austin Police Department bomb squad disabled a grenade simulator in the Hallettsville courthouse square that was confiscated during an altercation between a man and a woman. When police responded to the scene, authorities reported that the 43-year-old male suspect began removing the explosive device from his clothing.

He ran through the Lavaca County courthouse lawn and was tasered in the elbow, allowing the device to be retrieved by authorities. He has been charged with evading arrest, terroristic threat, and possession of a prohibited weapon. It is unclear how the man obtained the grenade simulator.

WWI-era UXO Found in Footlocker During Basement Cleanout

Wyandotte, Michigan A basement cleanout resulted in a shocking find for a Michigan family who found a footlocker filled with WWI relics. Among the antique items was a UXO that prompted an EOD response.

According to Wyandotte police, the family was cleaning out their basement when they opened their uncle's footlocker to find a munition which they feared may be live ordnance. Not taking any chances, they notified police.

Sgt. Gerald Conz and Officer Dan Torolski identified the device as an unexploded WWI artillery shell. Dearborn Police EOD were called in to safely remove the device for disposal.

British EOD Unit Responds After Bomb Found in Basement

Cambridgeshire, England Mildenhall Police set up a cordon in a neighborhood after a WWII ordnance item was discovered in a basement in Isleham.

In a social media post, police said, "We are currently dealing with a historic unexploded WWII ordnance device in the Isleham Marina area. Police are in attendance and we are putting a 50-meter cordon into place. The bomb disposal team are currently on route."

An EOD team from Colchester responded to the scene of the heavily corroded three-inch mortar round. The Ministry of Defence confirmed that the explosive was a "substitute" device and the cordon was lifted.


Military Ordnance Removed Outside of Nashville Home

Mount Juliet, Tennessee A neighborhood was evacuated after reports of an "unexploded military ordnance" at a home outside of Nashville. The suspect UXO was discovered during an inspection of a property that is to be remodeled.

Tennessee Highway Patrol closed Belinda Parkway while EOD from Fort Campbell responded to remove the ordnance that was deemed inert by EOD. All roads were reopened and the evacuation orders lifted following the EOD response.

Fort Riley EOD Remove WWII Grenade from Building

Harrisonville, Missouri A portion of downtown Harrisonville has reopened after an old military munition was found inside a building that was under construction. The shutdown lasted several hours as the Kansas City Police Department's Bomb and Arson Squad evaluated the device.

EOD from Fort Riley were called in to confirm the ordnance was a WWII-era grenade. It was safely removed and disposed of by the team.

Mystery Bar Bomb Safely Removed

Virginia, Minnesota The Virginia Police Department was called in after contractors discovered military ordnance in the basement wall of Arrowhead Bar. Police responded to evacuate the area, and the Duluth Minnesota Air National Guard were deployed to inspect and safely remove the mortar round.

In a statement, Virginia Police Chief Nicole Mattson reported that the munition was identified as a WWII Japanese mortar. She did not indicate why it may have ended up inside the building.

After the item was safely removed, the area was reopened. The Police Department thanked the National Guard unit for their assistance.

Mystery Mortar Found Buried in Iowa Yard

Dubuque, Iowa The Dubuque Fire Department responded to a home after reports of a potential UXO find. Melissa Williams reported that her husband came across the device while digging a hole for a new fence post in their backyard.

"I looked it up online, and it said it was like an aerial dart from World War II or whatever. So I sent a picture to my father and he said, no that's, you need to call the police on that one," she said.

According to news release from the fire department, they were called to the home for "what is believed to be an unexploded WWII-era mortar round/ordnance." Approximately 25 homes in the neighborhood were evacuated while explosives experts examined the ordnance. Officials confirmed that UXO had been removed from the area so it could be safely detonated.


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