Ordnance Components Found In Shipment of Potatoes

Dunaegyhaza, Hungary Hungarian EOD forces were requested by police to investigate suspicious metal objects found on the property of a local potato plant. EOD reported several ordnance related items including fuzes and No. 101 Mk II type British-made World War I artillery detonators.

The potatoes reportedly came from Normandy and authorities suspect that the ordnance components likely were mixed with the potatoes during large-scale, machine-harvesting of the potatoes where objects similar in size are screened from the ground.



Hiker Stumbles Upon Old Ordnance

Mill Valley, California The Berkeley Police Department bomb squad successfully disabled what appeared to be old UXO discovered by a hiker on a popular hiking trail, according to the Marin County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff's Lt. Jesse Klinge said a hiker just outside the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, found two rusty military-green ammunition canisters, one above-ground and the second partially buried near the trail.

The nearby trails were closed off to the public while the bomb squad disposed of two devices and the area was reopened the next morning. It's unknown how the munitions ended up on the trail.

1920s Era Hand Grenade Discovered In Garden

Ballacolla, Ireland A resident was digging in their garden when the discovered a hand grenade. They called the police and an Irish Army Bomb Disposal team responded to provide technical support. EOD identified the item as a 1920s era Mills grenade. An exclusion zone was setup around the item before an open detonation disposal was carried out on the item.


Projectile Removed From Business in Tennessee

Cleveland, Tennessee The Cleveland Police Department Bomb Squad responded to a call of a military ordnance that discovered on the property of Industrial Valve Sales & Service. When the bomb technicians arrived, they were taken to a large projectile that was sitting on a pallet. The bomb technicians determined the item was safe to transport to a remote location for destruction.



Mans Finds Munition While Gardening

Omaha, Nebraska A civilian landscaping in his yard came across a buried object. Thinking it was an old pipe, the man started to dig around the item to uncover the obstacle in his way of planting. When he uncovered the item, he quickly realized that the item was not an old pipe but a projectile.



Mortars Found Around Town

Lethbridge, Canada Police responded to two separate sites for reports of live artillery rounds in Lethbridge over the course of one weekend. One 82-mm mortar round was discovered in a garbage can near a drug treatment facility, and the other was found in Galt Gardens urban park.



Ordnance Found In Basement

Charleston, South Carolina An ordnance item was discovered by a group of electrical workers who were beginning a job in an empty building on Gillion Street in Charleston. The suspect item was found in a corner of the basement.



Man Pulls More Than Weeds From UK Garden

Plymouth, United Kingdom Jamie Williams was shocked when he pulled out a UXO from friend's garden with his bare hands. Luckily he realized the danger the item presented as he recognized it from history lessons at school.

According to reports, Williams said, "I pulled it out of the skip with my hands and I thought it was a lump of metal or a brick. I looked at it and knew straight away what it was and put it on the wall." He then called the police who cordoned off the area before Royal Navy EOD arrived to safely remove the unidentified device.


Hand Grenade Found Behind Store

Fairfield, California Police were called to reports of a hand grenade behind a 99 Cent Only store along the 600 block of Beck Avenue near Cadenasso Drive. The store was evacuated as police inspected the item. After confirming it was a military grenade, the police called an EOD team from Travis Air Force Base for technical support. EOD responded and safely removed the grenade for proper disposal (specific type or condition not reported).

Authorities are conducting an investigation to attempt to find out how the grenade ended up behind the store.

Grenades Left Behind at Vacant House

Fort Walton Beach, Florida The Fort Walton Beach Police Department wascalled to a vacant home on where they discovered an abandoned vehicle with weapons, munitions and grenades. A caller had reported seeing rifles and two suspected grenades inside the car which had been left behind by tenants vacating the home.

The grenades were reportedly in a safe inside the car. The area was cordoned off until personnel from the Eglin Air Force Base 96th Civil Engineers Squadron EOD responded to safely recover the grenades. The two items were identified as a military grenades including one riot control-type grenade and one illumination grenade (specific types not reported). Police are investigating to determine the source of the grenades.

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