Live French WWI Round Found in Garage

Needles, California A man located a UXO in a San Bernardino garage, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Upon inspection, deputies called in the support of the Sheriff's Arson/Bomb Detail for identification and removal.

The bomb squad identified the munition as a live WWI French artillery round (specific type not reported). The bomb squad safely removed the UXO from the property for disposal. How the UXO ended up in the garage is a mystery.


Catch of The Day, Unexploded Grenade?

Mansfield, United Kingdom A 12-year old boy magnet fishing underneath a busy bridge pulled up an old grenade from the river. Intrigued by the item, the boy decided to bring it home with him to show his parents. When the parents looked at the item, they immediately called the police.



WWI Projectile Fuze Discovered on UK Beach

Somerset, United Kingdom Emergency services were called to Berrow Beach yesterday by lifeguards after a beachgoer found a fuze with a metal detector. The Burnham Coastguard responded and sent pictures of the item to the Royal Logistics Corps Bomb Disposal.



Bridge Reopened After Grenade Removal

Limerick, Ireland Army EOD rendered safe a WWI-era hand grenade which had forced the closure of Thomond Bridge in Limerick. Experts removed the device from the River Shannon during low tide.

Two EOD technicians were escorted by members of Limerick Marine Search and Rescue Service (LMSRS) by boat and a jet ski to location of the grenade underneath one of the bridge's archways. The UXO was then transported from the scene to an of-site location for a controlled explosion.

This is not the first UXO find in the area as several cannonballs were also discovered in the area during a recent bridge maintenance project.

Next Time Stick With the "Sea" Shells

Donegal, Ireland A family's beachcombing adventure became a bit stressful when they realized a souvenir brought home from their excursion was actually a UXO. They contacted authorities and an Army EOD unit responded to deal with the WWI artillery shell. The area was cordoned off and local houses were evacuated during assessment of the munition. The shell was transported to a secure military location for further examination and disposal.

Melting Glacier Reveals WWI Era UXO

Trentino, Italy Explorers surveying a glacier on the Ago de Nardis peak, altitude 3,200 meters, uncovered 85 pieces of UXO exposed from a recent heat wave. The Finance Police Alpine rescue unit responded to the reports of rusted metal objects piercing through the ice. The UXO was reportedly from WWI left over from a series of battles fought between the armies of Austria-Hungary and Italy between 1915 and 1918.


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