Large Scale Evacuation Conducted For UXO Operation

Thessaloniki, Greece Authorities executed a large scale evacuation of people (nearly 70,000) in support of a bomb disposal operational. A public campaign launched days in advance included flyers, posters, and public announcements warning residents about the need to evacuate for safety.

The evacuation was necessary so bomb disposal technicians could render safe a U.S. WWII era 250-pound bomb. The bomb was recently found buried beneath a gas station during a construction project to expand the tank farm.


WWII Era Bomb Found During Construction

Chalan Kiya, Saipan Construction workers working on a sewer line project contacted the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services after finding an unexploded bomb buried 10 feet below the ground surface. Navy EOD personnel based in Guam responded and identified the UXO as a WWII era 500-pound bomb (specific type not reported). EOD safely re-located the bomb for off-site disposal.


School Evacuated for UXO Disposal

Barrigadam, Guam Students at P.C. Lujan Elementary School in Guam may never get a "snow day," but they did have an unexpected "ordnance" day as school was evacuated and closed early for authorities to clear a WWII UXO discovered during construction on Guam Army National Guard property adjacent to the school.

The school was inside of the blast radius, so it, along with portions of the National Guard base, were evacuated. The Guam Fire Department and Guam Police Department responded to a 911 call when the munition was uncovered during work on a sewer system. Naval Base Guam EOD was called to dispose of the unidentified ordnance.

Traveling UXO Shuts Down London Landmarks

London, England The Royal Navy and Metropolitan Police shut down Waterloo Bridge, Westminster Bridge and Victoria Embankment in central London while a WWII German SD bomb was towed along the river to Tilbury, Essex, where it was safely detonated. Police responded to the river for the reported ordnance find, dropped duirng WWII.



More Ordnance Recovered From Business Park

Kingstown, Rhode Island A state police bomb squad unit was dispatched to the Quonset Business Park to investigate old ordnance recovered from the area. The type of UXO removed was not reported but the North Kingstown Police Department indicated that the ordnance have been found in the past with an average of 4 - 5 finds per year.

Mortar Round Detected in Park is Detonated

Jacksonville, Florida A piece of military ordnance was found by a Jacksonville parkgoer using a metal detector. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad responded to the call and identified the munition as a WWII er 60mm mortar. The item was properly disposed of through a controlled detonation procedure.

UXO Provides Christmas Surprise 75 Years Late

Augsburg, Germany Nearly 54,000 residents were not able to spend Christmas at home due to a forced evacuation effort scheduled for the disposal of the approximately 2-ton British WWII era bomb. The bomb dropped by the British Air Force back in the 1940s was found during construction work. However, Authorities responding to the initial call decided to hold off on the render safe operation due to the nearly 1-mile exclusion zone that was required.

Instead, the biggest evacuation in post-war German history was scheduled for Christmas day mainly due to the fact the traffic in and around the area is very light around the holidays.



Boys Find WW II Hand Grenade In Woods

Gateshead, United Kingdom A 10-year boy and three friends found a grenade in the field while playing near the tree fort they had built in the woods. Curious, the 10-year old boy decided to bring the grenade home.

As explained to reporters after the incident, the boy's mother was quoted saying, "He came in and said 'mam, I've found a grenade...can I sell it on Ebay?". The mother went on to say, "I didn't think it was dangerous, I just thought it was old, I said no one will want that, you can put it up on your shelf with your other toys."

WWII Grenade


War Relic is an Unwelcomed Stowaway

Singapore A barge carrying sand for land replenishment found an unwelcomed passenger aboard a UXO measuring in over six-feet-long. The ordnance is believed to have been carried over from Vietnam, which supplied the sand. It was found on board the vessel KNB 1, a delivery barge that loads sand from another vessel before discharging it at the project site, port terminal in Tuas.

While the barge was discharging the sand, the war relic was discovered as it became caught between the hatch and a conveyor belt that carried the sand. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Police Coast Guard were alerted to the incident and a safety zone was established around the site of the barge. The Singapore Armed Forces EOD team advised that the barge be moved from the site to Sudong Explosive Anchorage, which is a designated anchorage for the loading or discharging of dangerous goods.


WWII Era Shell Found By Roadcrew

Galeston Gorge, Australia Road workers repairing a road following a heavy rainfall found an ordnance item during construction. The police were notified and an Australian Defence Force (ADF) EOD team from Orchid Hills was dispatched to remove the UXO.

Galeston Gorge


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