Extra-Crispy Mortar Uncovered at Construction Site

Illawarra, New South Wales Workers unearthed what appeared to be a WWII mortar at a construction site at Albion Park in the Illawarra, NSW. The rusted UXO was successfully removed by the Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit and no one was injured. An image of the round was posted on the NSW Police Facebook page prompting a series of comments stating that it resembled a "piece of chicken." One person commented, "It looks kinda like a KFC drumstick," while another joked, "Mmmm. Deep-fried mortar."



Mountain Climbers Find UXO

Jasper, Canada recreational climbers found a UXO on Mount Athabasca in Jasper National Park. The round was found above the snow line on the north side of Mount Athabasca, about 105 kilometers southeast from the town of Jasper.

The climbers photographed the item but reportedly did not touch or disturb it. They marked the area and reported the find to the RCMP. A Canadian military EOD team the Wainwright Canadian Forces Base was dispatched to the site to dispose of the ordnance.



UXO Found Near Beach in Nature Preserve

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom A suspected UXO item found along a path in a nature preserve between Chale and Whale Chine was reported to the Needles Coastguard Rescue Team (CRT). An exclusion zone was established as the CRT awaited for a Royal Navy EOD team to respond.



UXO Found in Cemetery

Gaya Island, Malaysia Grave diggers at the village cemetery in Sabah found a UXO while preparing a grave site for a recently decreased village resident. The workers called the police to report the find.



Magnet Fishing Nets Grenade

Kibworth, United Kingdom A 75-year old retired mechanic and a friend found a grenade while magnet fishing in the Grand Union Canal. The two called the police to report the find who advised the men to leave the area and not get any closer than 100 meters from the item



Public Warned Not To Handle UXO

Grouville, Jersey (Channel Islands) Authorities are warning residents of the coastal town not to handle any ordnance items found along the shoreline. The stern warning came after pictures emerged on-line of metal detector enthusiasts handling a WWII era shell.



Airport Temporarily Closed Due To UXO Finds

Rome, Italy The Ciampino airport was evacuated and flights diverted after three WWII era UXO items were found during construction work. An Italian Army EOD team responded and safely disposed of the items. The airport was re-opened after about three hours with several flights being delayed or diverted.



UXO Uncovered During Residential Swimming Pool Construction

Garden City, South Carolina A homeowner almost went off the deep end when the construction crew building his new pool uncovered ordnance items on his property. Workers called the police who responded and contacted the Air Force for technical support.



Garden Discovery - UXO Uncovered During Renovations

Willaston, United Kingdom Two WWII era UXO were found in the garden of a residential property undergoing renovations. After finding the rounds, the construction crew notified the local police who responded and setup an exclusion zone around the area.


An EOD unit was called in to remove the items from the property for proper disposal.

WWII Era Bomb Found Behind Gas Station

Cologne, Germany Over 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes after a WWII era bomb was found behind a gas station. The UXO, identified as a U.S. 500 pound bomb was found during excavation work in the southern suburb of Cologne-Poll.



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