Emergency Response Shocks Discoverer of Backyard Grenade

Norfolk, Virginia Bomb squad technicians responded to a Norfolk home after a man discovered a WWII-era MK II grenade while digging up a shrub in his backyard.

Andrew Taunton told reporters, "I was finding little rocks, little river rocks and I ended up picking up one of them and was like, well that shape's not a rock." Turns out he was holding an old hand grenade. According to Taunton, the top of it where the pin should have been, was cut off.


Walker Discovers Anti-tank Round on One of the Channel Islands

Jersey, United Kingdom Islander Mike Beaugeard received "quite a surprise" while on a walk at Egypt, Trinity on the Channel Islands. Nestled in the grass along the path was an anti-tank shell. He said that the munition was about four or five inches wide and around ten inches long.


WWII Allied Bombs Removed From Former German Train Station

Grafenwoehr, Germany Two Allied Forces bombs were found at a former train station during construction. The two bombs were identified as an 1,000-pound bomb and an 1,100-pound WII era bomb.


British EOD Respond to WWII Ordnance in English Garden

Keyham, England Devon and Cornwall Police and Royal Navy EOD responded to a home in Keyham after a man struck a suspected WWII bomb with a spade. A 200-meter cordon was established and homes in the area evacuated.

The man was reportedly helping dig out the rear yard of his daughter's home with a builder in preparation for an extension. He told reporters, "We actually found it about a week ago. I hit something with a spade, but we weren't sure what it was at first. Since then, we've had so much rain, the bank collapsed, then there was more rain on Friday, and it's been revealed more and more."


WWII UXO Safely Disposed of in Singapore

Bukit Timah, Singapore Singapore army specialists safely detonated a 100kg, WWII-era bomb discovered in Singapore's northeastern suburb of Bukit Timah . More than 4,000 people were evacuated from nearby residences for the controlled detonation.


Garden Mortar Safely Disposed of in Welsh Field

Tonyrefail, Wales A resident in a Welsh village was shocked to unearth a mortar round while gardening. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, South Wales Police, and the Army all responded to assist in the safe removal of the mortar which was later destroyed by a controlled detonation in a nearby field.


WWII UXO Discovered on College Rugby Field

Taunton, United Kingdom Authorities responded to the Richard Huish College in after construction workers unearthed UXO from a rugby field. British Army EOD was called in to carry out a controlled explosion on the unidentified military munition.

The ordnance is believed to be a WWII relic left behind following German bombing during WWII.

Metal Detector Leads to UXO Discovery on Welsh Beach

Pembrokeshire, Wales Police responded to Freshwater West beach after a man discovered a suspect munition item on the beach while metal detecting. The man reported the item to authorities who notified the police. The police secured the area and called the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) EOD team to investigate. The EOD team conducted a controlled detonation event on the beach to dispose of the hazard. The exact type of UXO was not reported.

WWII Aerial Bomb Struck by Excavator Scheduled for Disposal

Nova Gorica, Slovenia A 250-kilogram WWII aerial bomb was discovered near the Slovenian-Italian border in Nova Gorica. Preparations are underway to remove the munition. The operation is being coordinated with Italy as nearby residents will have to be evacuated.

The bomb reportedly contains around 100 kg of explosive and has been secured while awaiting disposal operations, according to Darko Zonji, head of the national unit for the protection against UXO.

Zonji said the bomb has two mechanical fuses, which is "very fortunate." "If we were dealing with chemical fuses, the measures would be completely different," he said.


A Nation Shut Down Ahead of WWII Bomb Disposal

Nauru, Micronesia Schools and workplaces on the tiny Pacific Island of Nauru are slated to be closed and the area evacuated as Australian Army EOD defuse a 500-lb WWII UXO discovered by a construction crew in a residential area near the Nauru International Airport.

Acting President Martin Hunt declared a state of disaster covering the entire island of Nauru, one of the world's smallest nations with a land area of just 8 sq. miles and a population of 11,000.


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