Airport Temporarily Closed Due to UXO Find

London, United Kingdom All flights in and out of London City Airport were canceled for nearly a day as an EOD Team from the Royal Navy conducted a disposal operation on a WWII era 1,100 pound bomb found nearby River Thames. In addition to the airport flights being temporarily halted, nearby residents were evacuated.

The bomb was discovered at the George V Dock during pre-planned construction work. London City, the smallest of London's international airports, handled 4.5 million passengers last year. It's located in east London's docklands, an area that was heavily bombed during World War II.

Roadside Grenade Sparks Concern in Philippines

Pangasinan, Philippines Early commuters and those attending church services were surprised and worried when someone spotted a grenade by the roadside. Fearing the worst, civilians contacted local police. A SWAT-EOD team was assembled and dispatched to handle the situation. The team successfully removed what was identified as a WWII era MKII hand grenade to be safely disposed of off-site. Local police are investigating where the grenade may have come from.

UXO Sparks Large Evacuation in a Small Town

Oranienburg, Germany A 550-pound WWII bomb was discovered during routine inspections in Oranienburg, Germany. The town, less than 25 miles from Berlin, is no stranger to munition finds as it is believed to house more WWII UXO than any other town in Germany.

Given its history of such finds, officials knew exactly how to handle the dicey discovery. Over 12,000 people were evacuated as an EOD team worked to render safe the bomb. Once the ordnance was safely defused, residents were able to return to their homes, schools, and places of work.


WWII Rounds Found At Construction Site

Peterborough, United Kingdom An EOD team from RAF Wittering responded to a site on High Street after reports that a set of four WWII era 40mm anti-aircraft rounds had been unearthed. EOD safely relocated the rounds to a nearby field and carried out a controlled disposal operation. A search of the area did not reveal any additional ordnance items.

40mm rounds

Large Evacuation for Large Bomb Defusing

Berlin, Germany Approximately 10,000 people were evacuated from their homes in western Berlin after a 550-pound unexploded World War II-era bomb was discovered by construction workers. Authorities say it was a German bomb with a Russian detonator. Several city blocks were barricaded and trains stopped while the munition was safely defused.

WWII Era 4,000 Pound British Bomb Recovered

Frankfurt, Germany Construction workers uncovered 4,000 pound WWII era British bomb which sparked a massive response operation by police and bomb disposal personnel. The response involved evacuating nearly 60,000 residents and businesses from a 1 mile evacuation area.

The bomb, identified as a High Capacity (HC) British Bomb (likely a MK I version given the reported descriptions), packed approximately 1.4 tons of high explosives). The render safe operation reported was completed ahead of the planned 12-hour response as bomb technicians safely de-fuzed the bomb so it could be transported for off-site disposal. Residents were allowed back into the exclusion zone following the response.


UK EOD Remove Live Garden Grenade

Honiton, United Kingdom A rusty but live WWII Mills Grenade Mark V was found in the undergrowth by a gardener, prompting the establishment of a 50-meter cordon in the area. The munition was moved to a nearby field, packed with plastic explosives, re-covered with soil, and safely detonated by an EOD team from Plymouth.

Outer Banks, NC WWII Training Round Find

Hatteras, North Carolina A WWII era munition was found on Hatteras Island, the second in a week's time. The National Park Service found the ordnance in a remote area on the southern end of the island. Navy EOD was called to respond. They identified the item as a practice round and safely disposed of the item.


Shelly Island WWII-Era Munition Find

Hatteras, North Carolina Rangers at Cape Hatteras National Seashore closed the off-road vehicle and pedestrian ramp to the Cape Point area after someone reported a suspicious object on the beach of the newly-formed Shelly Island.

A U.S. Navy EOD unit responded to investigate and determined that the object was a WWII training ordnance. The item was removed off-site for further examination and disposal.



Munition Spotted In Canal

Barnoldswick, United Kingdom A local resident called police after he reportedly noticed a munition item in the shallow waters of a canal. The Royal Logistics Corps Bomb Disposal Unit was dispatched from Chester and spent several hours searching the area before finding a WWII era practice projectile. The bomb squad safely removed the item for proper disposal and thanked the public for reporting the find.

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