Army EOD Detonates WWII Bomb in Racecourse Parking Lot

Hereford, England British Army EOD from Ashchurch Troop, 721 EOD squadron, 11 EOD and Search Regiment carried out a controlled explosion of a WWII bomb in the parking lot of a racecourse in Hereford. According to the Ministry of Defense, a 29mm Spigot Mortar (anti-tank weapon) was found in nearby. West Mercia Police requested the EOD response, and the area was cordoned off.

After residents were evacuated from the area, the team conducted a controlled explosion in the racecourse parking lot. "The bomb wasn't actually found on our site," said Hereford's general manager Camilla Esling.


WWII Bomb Removed from German Construction Site

Kaiserslautern, Germany The discovery of a 550-pound WWII bomb on a construction site led to a large-scale evacuation in downtown Kaiserslautern, home to multiple U.S. bases and the largest overseas American military community.

Police and emergency workers evacuated residents in a 300-meter radius around the site, and an EOD team responded to defuse the UXO. The disposal team quickly removed one detonator from the bomb, but a second detonator was deformed because of the excavation, according to a city statement. That delayed disposal until further materials could be delivered to the site, city officials said.


2000-lb U.S. Bomb Safely Removed from Japanese Construction Site

Kuwana, Japan A 2000-lb unexploded WWII bomb was safely removed from a construction site in central Japan by members of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), according to Kuwana's Crisis Management Office. The soldiers defused the American-made aerial bomb at a construction site before it was safely removed.

A 984-foot cordon was setup around the site and nearly 200 people were evacuated as roads and the nearby Nagara River waterway were sealed off.

Man Fins UXO While Gardening

Surrey, England A man working in his garden found more than weeds when he uncovered a projectile. After handling the item for a brief period, the homeowner opted to call the local authorities to respond. Surrey Police and Surrey Fire and Rescue responded as well as a EOD team (responding unit not identified) to secure and dispose of the hazard.


One-ton US Bomb Removed from Japanese Construction Site

Osaka, Japan Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) members removed an unexploded WWII-era bomb discovered on the construction site for a future university campus. Approximately 3,750 people were evacuated from the exclusion zone set up around the site, and one road was blocked in the area during removal operations.


WWII Bomb Unearthed in Poland is Safely Removed

Wroclaw, Poland Several thousand residents of Wroclaw, Poland's third largest city, were evacuated after a massive WWII bomb was discovered during construction on a housing estate. Army EOD responded to remove the device and safely detonate it at a military training range.

Marek Gwozdz, a spokesperson for the army training center for engineering and chemical-response teams in Wroclaw said, "An aerial bomb weighing about 500 kg was found at a depth of about four meters. After reconnaissance and consultations with the police, it was decided that the unexploded bomb would be removed."

A 1,000 meter cordon was established and a voluntary evacuation ordered while the ordnance was disposed of safely by the technicians. Such finds are common in Poland which was heavily bombed by invading German forces at the start of WWII and later by Allied forces during the subsequent German occupation.

Parking Lot Cleanup Leads to UXO Discovery in Saipan

Marpi, Saipan Marcelino "Max" Aguon made a startling discovery while cleaning the parking area of the Grotto in Marpi  a WWII UXO. Aguon's boss, Ray Sablan of Parks and Recreation, who was also at the site at the time, notified authorities of the find.

A Department of Fire and Emergency Services specialist responded to remove the unidentified ordnance for proper disposal. Aguon took the opportunity to remind community members who may find ordnance to call 911 immediately. Do not touch or disturb it, he said.

Drought Exposes UXO in Italian River

Borgo Virgilio, Italy The Italian military disposed of a 1,000 pound WWII era bomb that was discovered along the banks of the River Po. Fishermen initially discovered the ordnance in July along the banks of the depleted River Po. Extreme hot weather and low rainfall levels have caused sections of the 400 mile river to dry up in what some are calling Italy's worst drought in 70 years.


Extreme Weather Leads to Bomb Discovery in Italian River

An unexploded WWII bomb submerged in an Italian river was discovered due to an extreme drought. According to Army official Colonel Marco Nasi, the 1,000-lb bomb was found by fishermen on the banks of the depleted River Po.

Large sections of the 400-mile river have dried up in Italy's worst drought for 70 years. The UXO, which Italian military officials said contained 530 lbs of explosives, led to the evacuation of 3,000 residents in the area so that bomb disposal experts could carry out a controlled explosion.

Mayor Francesco Apori said, "At first, some of the inhabitants said they would not move, but in the last few days we think we have persuaded everyone." Airspace and river traffic in the area were also shut down during the disposal operation.

One Ton WWII Bomb Shuts Down Japanese Railway

Osaka, Japan A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) bomb disposal unit defused and removed a 1-ton WWII-era UXO that forced West Japan Railway Company to suspend operations on two of its lines in Osaka. Approximately 2,000 residents living within a 300-meter radius of the exclusion zone were evacuated according to city officials.

The bomb, which was dropped during an air raid over Suita in WWII, measured 1.8 meters in length and 60 centimeters in diameter. It was discovered during construction work for a condominium, according to the Suita city government.


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