Munitions Response RI/ FS QAPP Guidance Released

Washington, D.C. The Intergovernmental Data Quality Task Force Munitions Response Subgroup, a group of representatives from DoD, EPA and select States released a guidance for preparing Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for conducting a Remedial Investigation (RI) / Feasibility Study (FS) on Munitions Response Site. The RF/FS QAPP guidance is Module 1 of the "Munitions Response QAPP Toolkit."

The MR-QAPP RI/FS guidance is designed for project teams in planning for the characterization and remediation of UXO at Munitions Response Sites (MRS). The guidance presents a crosswalk to the previously developed Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project Plans (UFP-QAPP) and optimized UFP-QAPP Worksheets which consisted of a series of 37 worksheets.


Project Geophysicist Position


Position Title: Project Geophysicist

MMRP Project Geophysicist position oversees all geophysical operations at the various sites including digital geophysical mapping and analog sweep detection for the characterization and remediation of sites contaminated with munitions. Areas of responsibility include implementation/use of the geophysical instrument verification system (IVS) and Instrument Test Strips (ITS), review/testing/introduction of new detector technologies, and cooperative efforts with quality control to address detection oversight.


  • Reviews data;
  • Monitors site-specific activities & progress of clearance;
  • Addresses any identified problems;
  • Manages the geospatial operations including GIS and site grid/boundary survey operations;
  • Assists with project documentation and client reporting including work plans, final reports and progress submittals as required by the contract;
  • Reviews and assists with business development;
  • Responsible for geophysical survey design, dynamic data collection, cued data collection, development of a validation plan, and all other plans and reports supporting the Advanced Geophysical Classification process;
  • Provide oversight and Quality Control review of subcontracted geophysics provider deliverables;
  • May perform limited field data collection as part of independent Quality Control checks; and
  • Writes proposals with emphasis on geophysical tasks and feasibility of technical tasks.


One Soft Taco, One Burrito and One Grenade?

Ocala, Florida Police responded to a call of a grenade at a Taco Bell restaurant prompting a response from the local bomb squad. The incident occurred when an unidentified man found the item while magnet fishing in Ocklawaha after which he put the grenade his trunk and drove to Taco Bell before he decided to call 911.



EOD Recovers Grenades From Recycling Facility

East Devon, United Kingdom An EOD team was called to investigate three grenades found at the Knowle Hill Recycling Center after an employee reported the suspicious finds. EOD confirmed recovering one live and two spent smoke grenades from the site.


Grenade Scare at Retirement Community

Hingham Massachusetts The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad responded to a call of a grenade at Linden Ponds, a continuing care retirement. Family members found the grenade during a visit with their 95-year old relative who lives at the facility.

The family member reportedly moved the grenade outside away from the buildings and other residents before calling the police. The bomb squad determined that the grenade was an inert replica. Authorities checked the apartment unit for other potentially dangerous items but no other items were located. Although it did not contain an hazard, the resident turned over the replica grenade to the bomb squad for disposal.

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An Almost Unbelievable Munitions Cover-Up

Venio, The Netherlands Dutch police warned the public that it is "strictly ill-advised to lie down on a bomb". The incident which lead up this announcement involved a man gardening who uncovered a munition item. After realizing that the item was potentially dangerous, he began to cover the item in sand. In the process, he reportedly heard a whistling sound coming from the item.

Concerned, the man decided to lay on the item using his body to cover up the munition. Apparently, he wanted to limit the damage it could cause. When the whistling stopped, the man was so frightened to move that he called police from his cell phone. Police responded and evacuated nearby residents as they called EOD for support  all the while leaving the man perched on the item as they too did not want to take the chance in moving him.


Garden Discovery - UXO Uncovered During Renovations

Willaston, United Kingdom Two WWII era UXO were found in the garden of a residential property undergoing renovations. After finding the rounds, the construction crew notified the local police who responded and setup an exclusion zone around the area.


An EOD unit was called in to remove the items from the property for proper disposal.

Fisherman Pulls Up WWII Era Depth Charge

Largs, United Kingdom A fisherman accidentally snagged a WWII era munition from the Firth of Clyde, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. At first the crew thought it was an old boiler but after pulling the item to the deck, they decided to notify the Coastguard of their unusual find.

The Coastguard responded and setup a 700 meter exclusion zone around the vessel as they contacted the Royal Navy for assistance. EOD was dispatched at met the vessel north of Great Cumbrae where they safely removed the munition from the fishing vessel.



UXO ? Just Ask Google

Kewstoke, United Kingdom A young boy walking along North Somerset beach found spotted a suspicious object among the rocks. The boy called his father over to take a closer look. Concerned that the item appeared to be ordnance related, the father used his phone to ask Google what to do - and was given the response 'dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.'



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