Warning Issued as Resident Brings Home WWII Flare from Beach

Ardrossan , Scotland Bomb disposal experts were called to Ardrossan after a phosphorus flare that was found washed up on the town's beach earlier was brought back to a home in the area. Witnesses reported a heavy police presence including fire engines, ambulance, and EOD from Faslane who were there to assist with the dangerous situation.

A spokesperson from Police Scotland said, "We received a call around 11.15pm relating to an item that was found on Ardrossan beach and had been taken to an address on Park View, Ardrossan. Officers alongside Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) attended. The item requires further examination and enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances."

The suspected UXO is thought to be part of an estimated million and a half tons of war surplus that was decommissioned at the second-biggest military port of Cairnryan after WWII and later dumped at sea around the West coast of Scotland.

People have been requested to stay vigilant and avoid picking up any strange objects on the beach, and instead, alert the coastguard on 999.

Utility Contractors Find WWII Era Bomb

Derbyshire Village, United Kingdom workers from the Western Power Distribution company laying new utility lines made an explosive discovery when they found a WWII era bomb in Earl Sterndale. EOD was called out to investigate and respond to the find.


UK Coastguard Issues Warning Regarding Military Flares

Sandymouth, United Kingdom A Coastguard team in North Cornwall issued a warning regarding military flares on Cornish beaches. The Bude Coastguard Rescue Team published the warning after it was called to two separate incidents in 24 hours involving military-grade flares.

One of the flares found was marked 'US Navy'. The flares are typically usually used for search and rescue operations or to cordon off areas. The warning posted to the Bude Coastguard Rescue Team's social media page, read, "Bude Coastguard Rescue Team were paged for a second time today at 16:49 and once again tasked to investigate a report from Sandymouth Lifeguards of a second phosphorous submarine flare that had been washed up onto the beach and discovered by a member of the public who subsequently handed it to the lifeguards. Understanding the serious danger posed by the object, the lifeguards placed the flare by the cliff face nearby and created a safety cordon."


Boy Finds Hand Grenade on The Beach

Sennen Beach, United Kingdom a young boy was reportedly picked up a hand grenade he found while playing at the beach. The parents notified the lifeguards who setup an exclusion around the area as the Police were called.

A Coastguard Seach and Rescue team assisted with the call as the Royal Navy EOD unit from Plymouth was called in for technical support. EOD conducted a controlled detonation of the hand grenade.


Allied Bomb Found at Austria Construction Site

St. Valentin, Lower Austria Construction workers uncovered a WWII era Allied bomb during excavation at a construction site near a former Nazi tank factory. Experts removed the rear detonator from the 1,100 pound bomb before it was relocated for disposal.


Fishermen Net a Small Cache of Mortar Rounds

Lake Victoria, Uganda Fishermen using cast nests from their boat fresh water lake thought they had caught the catch of their lifetime when the nets became heavy to raise. The men put down their paddles and worked together to bring the catch in.

However, instead of a load of fish, the men had raised a rusty metal box. Upon opening the box, the men got the shock of their lives when they found six 60mm mortar rounds inside.


EOD Responds to Site of Deadly Recycling Center Explosion

Ellisville, Mississippi Jarrell Recycling in Ellisville was evacuated after an explosion from an unknown source led to the death of an employee. James Keyes, 35, of Laurel, died from "major lower body trauma" sustained during the explosion.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, and the Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office responded to investigate the explosion.

An Army EOD team from Fort Polk, Louisiana, was called to assist after another explosive device, described as a "potentially military ordnance device," was discovered during the investigation, according to the Jones County Sheriff's Department. Authorities don't know where the device came from or how long it was at the recycling center.

The EOD team destroyed the device and conducted a check of the property. No additional military ordnance was found.


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