Man Finds UXO in Dumpster Outside His Home in England

Ross-on-Wye, England An evacuation order was issued after a man found an ordnance item in a dumpster outside of his house. According to homeowner, someone had placed the device in a plastic bag and tried to cover it with soil. The man told reporters details of the find stating to them "I shook it and held it near my face before I realized what it was. When the penny dropped, I put it down and rang the police and reported it!"

When authorities saw a photo sent by Hayward, they rushed to the scene and evacuated a 100-yard-long stretch of the street. West Mercia Police arrived within minutes of being alerted, followed by an army EOD team from Ashchurch who safely removed it and destroyed it.

In a statement, a West Mercia Police explained that an "EOD team attended and disposed of the device" and the incident was not regarded as suspicious. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence followed up to state that the ordnance was from the WWII era.

Homeowner Finds Ordnance During Lawn Work

Antioch, Illinois A homeowner doing yard work discovered a suspicious object with sharp edges protruding from the ground. Curious, the homeowner dug around the lawn to uncover and pull the item out of the ground.

When the item was fully exposed, the homeowner quickly realized that the suspicious item was actually ordnance. She called the Lake County Sheriff's office to report the find. Authorities responded and identified the ordnance as a WWII era anti-tank round.

Residents were evacuated as the bomb squad removed the ordnance for proper disposal. It is unclear how long the object had been in the yard or how it got there.

Section of Coastline Closed for UXO Response

La Bette Bay, Guernsey A stretch of coastline adjacent to Jaonnet Bay was closed after UXO was found. The responding bomb disposal team reported that the item was fuzed and as such it was detonated in place. The UXO was reported as a "300-lbs roll bomb".


Garden UXO is No "Cartoon"

Tewkesbury, England A bomb disposal unit responded after a suspected UXO was found in a backyard garden. Tina Otto was gardening with her son-in-law when they found the suspicious device.

Army EOD responded to assess the item according to Gloucestershire Police. Neighbors in the area were advised to stay indoors until a decision could be made on the item's disposal or removal.


Public Warned to Stay Away from Popular Beach Access in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii

The site is located at the southernmost point of Bellows Air Force Station, north of Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area. It has been designated "off limits" to the public, but officials say the no trespassing signs do little to keep people out.

Despite cleanup efforts which began years ago, the area which was once used as an urban warfare training site, likely still contains UXO.

"We don't want people to come stumbling across" the munitions, said state Department of Health Environmental Specialist Sven Lindstrom. He added that the site is "easily accessible from the state park from the beach, and there's areas where you can kind of cut through along the stream bed from Waimanalo to get to the beach."


Asparagus Planting Leads to EOD Response

Cambridgeshire, England A member of the Ickleton Allotment Society recently discovered a hand grenade while planting asparagus at their plot in Cambridgeshire. According to Cambridgeshire Police, officers responded, sealed off the area, and sent images to the army's EOD team.

In a statement police said, "In this instance it was a genuine grenade and the team carried out a controlled explosion. If you ever come across something similar, please give us a call."


Army EOD Detonates WWII Bomb in Racecourse Parking Lot

Hereford, England British Army EOD from Ashchurch Troop, 721 EOD squadron, 11 EOD and Search Regiment carried out a controlled explosion of a WWII bomb in the parking lot of a racecourse in Hereford. According to the Ministry of Defense, a 29mm Spigot Mortar (anti-tank weapon) was found in nearby. West Mercia Police requested the EOD response, and the area was cordoned off.

After residents were evacuated from the area, the team conducted a controlled explosion in the racecourse parking lot. "The bomb wasn't actually found on our site," said Hereford's general manager Camilla Esling.


WWII Bomb Removed from German Construction Site

Kaiserslautern, Germany The discovery of a 550-pound WWII bomb on a construction site led to a large-scale evacuation in downtown Kaiserslautern, home to multiple U.S. bases and the largest overseas American military community.

Police and emergency workers evacuated residents in a 300-meter radius around the site, and an EOD team responded to defuse the UXO. The disposal team quickly removed one detonator from the bomb, but a second detonator was deformed because of the excavation, according to a city statement. That delayed disposal until further materials could be delivered to the site, city officials said.


2000-lb U.S. Bomb Safely Removed from Japanese Construction Site

Kuwana, Japan A 2000-lb unexploded WWII bomb was safely removed from a construction site in central Japan by members of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), according to Kuwana's Crisis Management Office. The soldiers defused the American-made aerial bomb at a construction site before it was safely removed.

A 984-foot cordon was setup around the site and nearly 200 people were evacuated as roads and the nearby Nagara River waterway were sealed off.

Man Fins UXO While Gardening

Surrey, England A man working in his garden found more than weeds when he uncovered a projectile. After handling the item for a brief period, the homeowner opted to call the local authorities to respond. Surrey Police and Surrey Fire and Rescue responded as well as a EOD team (responding unit not identified) to secure and dispose of the hazard.


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