Kids Praised for Their Response to WWII Anti-tank Mine Find

Slapton Sands, England Two young children are being heralded for their quick-thinking and wise decision making after they alerted authorities to a WWII anti-tank mine uncovered during a storm. The Dartmouth Coastguard Rescue Team was called to Slapton Sands after a report of the UXO on the beach.

According to a statement from the rescue team, "On our arrival we were met by the local family that had called us; they had been walking on the beach after the overnight storm. Their children ages 11 and 7, had spotted an upturned WWII anti-tank mine at the top of the beach, which had been uncovered during the storm. Living locally they knew the history of Slapton Sands and the significance of what they found and told their parents, who called the Coastguard."


Cache of WWII Munitions Discovered at Historic Hong Kong Site

Hong Kong, China EOD was called to a construction site near the 85-year-old Maryknoll House after twenty WWII hand grenades and 2,000 rounds of ammunition were unearthed by workers near a historic Hong Kong housing block for Catholic missionaries. The discovery prompted the evacuation of the area.

According to a statement from police, "The 19 British hand grenades and one Japanese hand grenade - all from the second world war - were found along with around 2,000 rounds of ammunition at the site. The 20 hand grenades were 15cm in length and 7.6cm in diameter."

The grenades were safely detonated at the site, while the bullets were taken away for further examination and off-site disposal. No injuries were reported.

Live Howitzer Round Found on Arizona Construction Site

Yuma, Arizona A construction crew in southern Arizona discovered an unexploded howitzer round while working on a road. EOD identified the ordnance as a 155 millimeter howitzer used during WWII and the Vietnam War.

It was the second round found on the road improvement project that began in February. The first was found in April in the same location. The road was closed for several hours as experts safely removed the munition.

Officials say the area was once part of the Desert Training Center, also known as the California-Arizona Maneuver Area, founded in 1942 for desert warfare training. Both rounds "were found more than one mile outside of YPG's boundaries, and have nothing to do with the proving ground's present-day testing," said a Yuma Proving Ground spokesperson.

Staff Sargent Recognized for Accomplishments On and Off Duty

Ramstein Air Base, Germany Staff Sgt. Tyler D. Nelson, 86th Maintenance Group maintenance operations center (MOC) senior controller, was recognized as Airlifter of the Week for his excellent work ethic as well as for managing to potentially save lives outside of work through his innocent hobby of metal detecting.

While out enjoying his hobby on a farm near the base, Nelson discovered a WWII-era UXO buried in shallow ground. According to Nelson, "Typically, we find a lot of old plow blades, but once I started getting to the end of it, I saw the fuse [fuze] on it. I backed up, composed myself and waited until the experts came out and looked at it."

Police responded and notified EOD for technical support. EOD identified the munition as an 88 mm anti-aircraft shell.


British EOD Responds to WWII Era UXO

Loughborough , United Kingdom Charnwood police were notified after a suspected WWII explosive device was found in a brook. After inspecting the item, officers determined it was likely live and set up a wide cordon until the local bomb squad could respond. According to a Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said, "EOD operators attended and removed the item to a safe location where it was detonated and the cordon was removed."

British EOD Unit Responds to Multiple Grenade Finds

Leicester, United Kingdom Two hand grenades were removed from River Soar at frog Island within hours of each other. Army EOD had barely left the scene with the first device, discovered by magnet fishermen, when a second was discovered.

Part of a bridge over the river was cordoned off while Leicestershire Police guarded the first explosive device as it sat in a bucket awaiting proper disposal. At the same time, a magnet fisherman on the other bank of the river found the 2nd hand grenade. Both grenades are suspected to be WWII-era devices.

Homeowner Finds Buried Artillery Shell

Chicago, IL a homeowner doing lawn work uncovered an artillery round in his lawn. The man reported the find to police who reported with the local bomb squad.

According to the Chicago Police Department social media site: "a WWII artillery shell was located by a resident on the 3000 block of W. 38th Pl. District personnel responded, and summoned the bomb squad. They removed it to an alternate location after x-raying it and determining it was likely live.

The bomb squad safely disposed of the 75mm round.

Beachcomber Detector WWII Shrapnel Bomb

Brean Beach, United Kingdom Portions of Brean Beach were closed when a local metal detector enthusiast uncovered the fuse from a WWII era shrapnel bomb. Police and Coast Guard officers responded to inspect the find but where forced to wait until the next day to remove the item due to high tides.


Teenage Boy Pulls Grenade From River

Cambridge, United Kingdom A 13-year old teenage boy pulled an unexploded grenade from the River Cam during a magnet fishing trip with his mother. The mother notified the police who responded and cleared the area before calling EOD.


WWII Era Bomb Defused At Construction Site

Kai Tak, China Hong Kong police responded to a UXO find at a construction site at the Kai Kai MTR train station. Approximately 2,300 people were evacuated from nearby residences and businesses as bomb disposal personnel conducted a render safe procedure on the item.


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