UXO Found On Schoold Grounds

Kent United Kingdom A school and surrounding buildings were evacuated after UXO was found by construction workers updating the playground. Parents were called to pick up their children from Crockenhill Primary School as police put road closures in place.



Bridge, Rail and Boat Traffic Halted for UXO

Cologne, Germany Boat traffic was delayed on the Rhine in the Deutz business district, near Cologne's Hohenzollern Bridge as authorities responded to a WWII era UXO. The item, identified as a 1,100-pound U.S. bomb was found along the river bank.

The nearby rail station and bridge were closed along with the evacuation of nearly 10,000 workers from a 500-meter exclusion zone around the site.



Site of New Telsa Factory Found To Contain UXO

Berlin, Germany Electric car maker Telsa has agreed to purchase a 740-acre site to open build its first European factory that would give its cars "Made in Germany" branding.

A survey of the property connected with the sale has so far produced 7 UXO identified as WWII era U.S. ordnance (specific type not reported). Plans are underway for the disposal of the bombs. It's unclear if the UXO, or the potential for more, will have an impact on the purchase price of the land.

WWII Ordnance Found on Selsey Beach, UK

Chichester, United Kingdom Two UXO items were found washed up on Selsey Beach in Chichester, UK.

According to sources, the Coastguard was called to the scene and the beach was cordoned off to protect the public. Pictures were taken and subsequently sent to a Royal Navy EOD Team for examination and it was later confirmed that the items were unexploded bombs left over from WWII. Two controlled explosions were then carried out on the beach by EOD.



Florida Beachgoer Detects WWII Landmine

Vero Beach, Florida When Jeff Emlet's metal detector went off on Vero Beach recently, it prompted him to use his bare hands to dig up what turned out to be an old landmine. Realizing that it was likely ordnance, he dropped his metal detector and ran back to warn others in the area to stay away.

County fire officials confirmed it was a landmine, and EOD from Patrick AFB responded to remove it. Nearby Round Island Beach Park was used for WWII training at the Fort Pierce Naval Amphibious Training Base, and several land mines have washed up in the area over the past few years.

Officials issued a reminder the those who think they have stumbled on an old land mine are advised to back away immediately and call 911.


British Army EOD Responds to Beach Find

West Essex, United Kingdom Police and the Littlehampton Coastguard team were called to Pagham Beach after a member of the public found an ordnance item on the beach. The beach was closed while an Army EOD team was dispatched to the site.



Italian Army Renders Safe WWII Era Bomb

Turin, Italy The Italian Army responded to a find of an unexploded WWII era British bomb at a construction site. A render safe procedure was performed in an approximate 8 foot deep trench. More than 10,000 people were forced to evacuate the area as technicians removed the detonator from the tail end of the bomb identified as a 500 lbs WWII era British bomb.



High Tides Hinder Efforts to Remove Beached Grenade

West Sussex, England The Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team was called to a West Sussex beach to reports of a suspect hand grenade discovered by someone with a metal detector. Sussex Police also responded to fill sandbags to protect the device protect from the incoming tide.

Unfortunately, EOD were unable to arrive before the tide covered it. After waiting for low tide, EOD arrived on the scene and confirmed the UXO to be a WWI era hand grenade. It was safely removed for disposal.


Kids Pull Munitions From Pond

Gotha, Germany A small group of kids magnet fishing in a pond pulled up a small cache of munitions before they realized the potential dangers of their find. They called the police to report the find. Authorities quickly secured the area as they called in a bomb squad to remove the WWII era munitions.



WWI Grenade Prompts School Evacuation

Vienna, Austria A pre-school had to evacuated after a WW II hand grenade was found inside a tree at the school's playground. A worker at the school was the first to discover the grenade which was wedged in a tree in a garden on school grounds.



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