Teen Brings Home a "Bomb Shell"

Duxford, United Kingdom Police responded to a home in Duxford after a report that a teenager had found and brought home a WWII munition. The item was identified as a vintage 6-pound solid shot shell. Cambridgeshire police cordoned off the area bomb disposal team from Colchester Troop, 621 Squadron, 11 EOD Regiment Royal Logistic Corps could recover the munition for safe disposal.

UXO Found At Golf Course Construction Site

Herne Bay, United Kingdom Constructions workers working on a project at the old Herne Bay Golf Club uncovered a munition item. The crew called the police to report the find and the police called an Army EOD unit for assistance.



Boy Recovers WWII Era Mortar While Magnet Fishing

Cambridge, United Kingdom A eleven year old boy magnet fishing at the city center waterway got the surprise of his life when he pulled up a mortar round. The boy was with his father and brother when the incident occurred. The father had the boys evacuate from the area as he called the police to report the find.

The police responded and cleared as they called an EOD unit from RAF Wittering for support. EOD responded and took several x-rays of the mortar before removing it from the area for proper disposal. The mortar was identified as a WWII era round (specific nomenclature not reported).



19,000 Evacuated After WWII Era UXO Find

Terni, Italy more than 11,000 people were evacuated when WWII era bombs were uncovered at a construction site. Police and the Civil Protection Department cleared the area as Italian Army EOD worked to move the 250-KG HE filled bomb (shown below) to a local quarry.



UXO Stuck in Excavator is Safely Removed

Agat, Guam The Guam Police and Fire Departments responded to 911 reports of a UXO at a construction site near the Agat Mayors Office. The round was reportedly stuck in the teeth of an excavator. Navy EOD unit Detachment Marianas was called to move the item to a safe location where it was properly disposed of through a controlled detonation.


EOD Uses Explosives To Verify Munition As Inert

Saltstone, United Kingdom A Coastguard Rescue Team responded to Saltstone near Wanson Bay after a discovery of a possible UXO. Once there, they determined that the munition had already been declared harmless several years ago.

Despite the fact, photos of the item were then sent to the Coastguard Operations Centre in Falmouth, who then forwarded them to the Royal Navy's EOD Unit. Though not believed to be an immediate threat, they sent a team to inspect the find the next day.

The team was unable to make a positive identification, and because the item could not be removed due to its size and being embedded under heavy rocks, EOD removed one end with a 1kg explosive charge to see inside. Boscastle Coastguard Team was called in to cordon off the area and police closed off an adjacent road. The blast was reportedly heard three miles away. After opening up the ordnance, it was believed to be a dummy WWII anti-shipping mine.


WWII Era Bombs Unearthed at Saipan Construction Site

San Roque, Saipan Workers uncovered seven unexploded WWII bombs at the construction site of Saipan Global Hotel, located south of the Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School in San Roque. Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Hazmat/Explosive Response Team responded to the site.

Four of the UXO were found buried one foot underground on the beach side on the property. A survey of the area yielded three additional ordnance items. The munitions, identified as 150-lb WWII Japanese naval bombs, were safely relocated to Marpi for proper disposal.

Magnet Fishing Nets Grenade

Castle Vale, United Kingdom A man and his nephew magnet fishing in a canal off Lathe Way, near Kingsbury Road, got a surprise catch  a WWII era hand grenade. The two called the police to report the find. The police responded and coordinated with a bomb disposal unit to conduct a controlled demolition disposal operation at nearby Pype Hayes Park. The hand grenade was safely disposed of without incident.



WWII Era Bomb Removed From Construction Site

Hong Kong, China Authorities evacuated over 1,200 people from restaurants and offices in the Wanchai business district as a bomb disposal team worked to remove a WWII era 1,000 pound U.S. bomb from a construction site. The police reported that it was the third such discovery in the territory this year.

The bomb was exposed by the construction crew who called the police after realizing the potential danger. When the bomb disposal team arrived, the bomb was found laying vertical with two-thirds of the body buried underground.


Asked about the incident, bomb disposal officer Lai Ngo-yau was quoted in the local press - "we need to unearth at least part of the object before we start our operation.......Because the bomb is not stable, we need to do it very carefully".


More WWII Era Find on Isle of Man

Smeale, Isle of Man A civilian metal detector enthusiast found a WWII era UXO in Smeale in the north end of the island. The find was reported to authorities and an exclusion zone was setup by the local Coast Guard until a Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit from the UK could respond.


EOD disposed of the item (reported as a WWII era WP round - nomenclature not provided) in a controlled demolition shot. The Isle of Man Coast Guard released a statement to remind locals that "All suspicious objects found around the Manx coast should be reported as soon as possible."


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