Beachcomber Detector WWII Shrapnel Bomb

Brean Beach, United Kingdom Portions of Brean Beach were closed when a local metal detector enthusiast uncovered the fuse from a WWII era shrapnel bomb. Police and Coast Guard officers responded to inspect the find but where forced to wait until the next day to remove the item due to high tides.


Teenage Boy Pulls Grenade From River

Cambridge, United Kingdom A 13-year old teenage boy pulled an unexploded grenade from the River Cam during a magnet fishing trip with his mother. The mother notified the police who responded and cleared the area before calling EOD.


WWII Era Bomb Defused At Construction Site

Kai Tak, China Hong Kong police responded to a UXO find at a construction site at the Kai Kai MTR train station. Approximately 2,300 people were evacuated from nearby residences and businesses as bomb disposal personnel conducted a render safe procedure on the item.


Search and Rescue Team Finds UXO

Flyingdales, United Kingdom A search and rescue team practicing navigation skills found a WWII era round. The team took photos of the round and sent them to the North Yorkshire Police who in turn called out an EOD detachment based in Catterick.



Canadian EOD Respond to Trail for WWII UXO

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Vernon Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were called in after a pair of hikers stumbled upon what was believed to be an unexploded WWII ordnance while walking near a trail in Cosens Bay.

In a statement, Cpl. Tania Finn, media relations officer with the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP, said "Given the paint markings on the device, it is believed to be a live ordnance. We have the area cordoned off in order to ensure the safety of park users while we await the attended of the Canadian Forces Explosive Disposal Unit from Esquimalt."



WWII Bomb Uncovered at UK Work Site

Kings Hill, United Kingdom An Army EOD team was called in after a WWII-era UXO was discovered on a building site. According to police, the Royal Logistics Corps (Ordnance) was immediately notified to safely dispose of the item. This is the third wartime bomb to be unearthed at the site since June last year.

Woman Finds Ordnance While Gardening

Weymouth, United Kingdom A 49-year old woman gardening at her home struck an object about a foot deep in the ground. Thinking it was a large stone or pipe, she took it inside and began washing and scrubbing it with a brillo pad to get a closer look.



WWII Munitions Found in Woods

Cotgrave, United Kingdom Police responded to reports of old munition items in a wooded area off Laming Gap Lane. The Nottinghamshire Police requested assistance of EOD to dispose of the ordnance believed to be WWII era relics. A controlled open detonation operation was performed by EOD without incident. The specific types of ordnance was not reported.

Corgrave May 2020

Couple Digs Up Grenade While Gardening

Scotforth, England A civilian couple digging out a distressed tree in their front garden got the shock of the day when a grenade "rolled out of the soil." According to one of the finders, "You could tell it wasn't a normal rock. It was oval shaped and I was tapping it with a stone and my husband said 'that looks like a grenade' so I stopped tapping it!"

Lancaster Grenade


Airport Runway Closed Due To WWII-Era UXO

Okinawa, Japan Airport officials were forced to close a runway at Naha Airport on after construction workers uncovered an unexploded bomb likely dropped by U.S. forces during WWII. The bomb was discovered near the airport's No. 1 runway, according to a spokeswoman for Naha city.



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