Lanscapers Find, Handle and Wash UXO Before Calling Police

Weeton, United kingdom A landscaping crew found an ordnance item at the job site and proceeded to handle it, pose pictures with it, and wash it off before finally calling police. Police asked the crew to send pictures of the item as they sent officers to the scene.

After viewing the pictures, police instructed the men to evacuate the area as they called in EOD for support. The landscaper's description of the incident to reporters tells the story:

"We'd gone about two foot down and he's hit it with shovel a couples of times. He [the laborer] thought it was a big rock at first, then we brushed the dirt away around it and discovered it was a bomb."

"We were passing it around and having a look. It's not every day you come across a WWII bomb at work. It didn't hit home until later how dangerous and silly we were being. When I got home, it was a sense of 'bloody hell that was dangerous', but also relief."


Dead Body and Suspect UXO Leads To Neighborhood Evacuation

Stockton, California Police responding to the home of man that reportedly died of natural causes called the bomb squad after finding "hundreds" of apparent military ordnance items in the house. The bomb squad contacted Travis AFB EOD for technical assistance as the nearby neighbors were evacuated from their homes.

EOD and bomb disposal crews worked over two days to sort and remove the items were found, for the most part, to be inert replicas. However, crews also found 25 small flares and fuses which were classified as "real" (type not reported) that had to be removed as well.

Police said investigators learned that the 70-year-old man appeared to be a collector of military items and did not have a military background.

Resident Brings WWII Era Grenade to Mayor's Office

Asam, Guam Mayor Salas was ready to leave work for the day when a man walked into his office with a WWII-era UXO wrapped in a rag that he had found while while working in his yard.

Mayor Salas promptly called EOD who responded and identified the item as a live WWII-era hand grenade. EOD removed the hand grenade for proper disposal.

Even though residents are urged to call the police as soon as UXO items are found, residents continue to hand-deliver UXO items to local government officials. Other Guam Mayors have reported similar situations where residents bring ordnance to Government offices for disposal.

Mayor Salas believes that the community hasn't been reached by the Government awareness campaign and asks that if an ordnance is found, to not touch it and call 911.<.p>

Suspect Show and Tell Item Sparks School Evacuation

Isleworth, United Kingdom Officers from the Metropolitan Police were called to The Blue School in Isleworth after a child brought in a WWII shell in for show and tell. The London Fire Brigade also responded to the call for a reported UXO on the campus. A school-wide evacuation was ordered, and a 200-metre wide cordon was put in place as the ordnance (specific type not reported) was safely removed.

From Basement Cleanout to Base Evacuation

Martinsburg, West Virginia A local resident who was cleaning out a basement found an ordnance item and decided on his own to drive the ordnance to the 167th Airlift Wing of the West Virginia Air National Guard. Upon arriving to the base, security personnel notified police and an evacuation of the area was ordered.

An EOD Team from Andrews Air Force Base was dispatched to identify the ordnance and to provide technical support. EOD identified the ordnance as an inert training round, specific type not reported. Residents were allowed to return to their homes after the nearly 4 hour ordeal.

Man Finds Projectile in Attic

Janesville, Wisconsin a man cleaning out the attic of his mother's house reportedly found a projectile. Instead of calling the police to report the find, the man decided to load the ordnance in his car to drop it off at the Rock County Sheriff's Office.



Beachgoer Brings Home a Dangerous Souvenir

Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina A beachgoer was lucky to escape disaster after bringing home a live ordnance item filled with white phosphorous (WP). After discovering the item on Pine Knoll Shores, the resident picked it up and took it home as an ornament for a flower garden. When the munition started smoking, it was brought to the local fire department. A USMC EOD unit was called in to safely dispose of the military ordnance.

Man Picks up Mortar Round to Protect Daughter

Devon, England A man, his wife and two-year-old daughter were walking along the Devon coast when they discovered what may have been a WWII Canadian mortar.



Store Keeps Live Grenade On Display

Tumon, Guam Navy EOD was called to remove a live WWII era grenade from a clothing shop after a military service member shopping in the store noticed it on display. The store manager told authorities who responded that "a beachgoer" had dropped it off at the store about two weeks ago. The store manager also stated, "It was all rusted and everything and we thought it looked like a cool artifact."



Man Threatens To Throw Ordnance During Argument

Guam A man is accused of taking what was believed to be a UXO and threatening to throw it during an argument with a woman. Stephen Gregory Hampton, 29, was charged with terrorizing as a third-degree felony, family violence as a misdemeanor and harassment as a petty misdemeanor, according to a magistrate's complaint filed in the Superior Court of Guam states.

The complaint states that the woman said Hampton retrieved an "unexploded ordnance" and began tossing it up and down and stated "how about I just throw this and blow this (expletive) up."

The responding police officer conducted a check of the apartment and confirmed the suspected explosive device was an empty shell casting with no explosive contents.

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