UXO Site Type selected:Chemical Warfare Materiel Sites

Camp Navajo (Chemical Canyon site)RCWM sites (Non-stockpile)CoconinoAZ
Fort McClellanRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)CalhounAL
REDSTONE ARSENALRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MadisonAL
CAMP SIEBERTRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)St. ClairAL
Gerstle River Expansion AreaRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AK
Cape Yakak Radio stationRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AK
Gerstle River Test SiteRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AK
Chichagof HarborRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)Attu IslandAK
Ravenna Army Ammunition PlantRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)OH
Cleveland PlantRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)OH
Charleston Naval Weapons StationRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SC
Black Hills Ordnance DepotRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SD
Defense Spot MemphisRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)TN
Camp BullisRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)TX
Camp Stanley storage ActivityRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)TX
Dugway Proving GroundRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)UT
Tooele Army DepotRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)UT
Wendover Bombing and Gunnery RangeRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)UT
Water IslandRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)VI
American University / Spring ValleyRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MontgomeryDC
Theodore Naval Ammunition MagazineRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AL
Fort RichardsonRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AK
Unalaska IslandRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AK
YUMA PROVING GROUNDRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)YumaAZ
FORT CHAFFERCWM sites (Non-stockpile)CrawfordAR
PINE BLUFF ARSENALRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)JeffersonAR
FORT ORDRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MontereyCA
SANTA ROSA ARMY AIRFIELDRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SonomaCA
EDWARDS AFBRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)KernCA
Pueblo Depot ActivityRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)PuebloCO
SCHILLING AFBRCWM Sites (Non-Stockpile)SalineKS
Blue Grass Army DepotRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MadisonKY
Fort KnoxRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HardinKY
England AFBRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LA
Great Salt Plains Bombing RangeRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)OK
Camp ClaiborneRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LA
Fort PolkRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LA
Taghee National ForestRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)FremontID
MarysvilleRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MarshalllKS
MississippiRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LA
Concord SpurRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LA
Barksdale AFBRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LA
Camp ShelbyRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)ForrestMS
Horn IslandRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)JacksonMS
JacksonRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)JacksonMS
Nebraska Ordnance PlantRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SaundersNE
Raritan ArsenalRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)NE
Delaware Ordnance WorksRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SalemNJ
Mitchell FieldRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)NY
Defense Distribution Region EastRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)PA
San Janinto Ordnance DepotRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)TX
Rocky Mountain ArsenalRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AdamsCO
WithlacoocheeRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SumterFL
Brooksville Army Air FieldRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HernandoFL
MacDill AFBRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HillsboroughFL
Fort BenningRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)ColumbusGA
Fort GillemRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)ClaytonGA
Schofield Army BarracksRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HonoluluHI
Kipapa Ammunition StorageRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HonoluluHI
Savanna Army Depot ActivityRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)CarrollIL
Fort SheridanRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)LakeIL
Camp AtterburyRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)JohnsonIN
NSWC CraneRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MartinIN
Newport Chemical ActivityRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)VermillionIN
Camp Dodge & Polk County Guard RangeRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)PolkIO
Aberdeen Proving GroundsRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HarfordMD
Fort MeadeRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)Anne ArundelMD
Fort DevensRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MA
Chemical Warfare Development DivRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MI
Columbus Army AirfieldRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MI
Camp Van DornRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)WilkinsonMS
Camp CrowderRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)McDonaldMO
Hawthorne Army DepotRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MineralNV
Fort HancockRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MonmouthNJ
NAWC LakehurstRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)NJ
Fort WingateRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)McKinelyNM
Camp HeroRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)NY
Laurinburg-Maxton Army Air BaseRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)NC
Camp LejeuneRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)NC
Fort WainwrightRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)AK
Pine Bluff ArsenalRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)JeffersonAR
Mount ShastaRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SiskiyouCA
Bushnell Army Air FieldRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)SumterFL
Chassahowitza SwampRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HernandoFL
Drew FieldRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HillsbourghFL
Dry Tortugas KeyRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MonroeFL
Fort PierceRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)aint LucieFL
Lakeland Army Air FieldRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)PolkFL
ManchesterRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)MeriwetherGA
Waiakea Forest ReserveRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)HawaiiHI
Fort HoodRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)TX
Camp BarkeleyRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)TX
Defense Depot OgdenRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)UT
Fort BelvoirRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)VA
Submarine Base BangorRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)WA
F.E. Warren AFBRCWM sites (Non-stockpile)WY

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