Fire Investigation Leads to Mortar Discovery

Ashland, Minnesota A surprising discovery was made during an investigation following a garage fire in Ashland. The Fire Captain conducting the investigation came across two M69 mortar rounds. He evacuated the site and called in the support of state EOD experts.

The Minnesota Air National Guard 148th Fighter Wing's EOD team from Duluth called to examine the two rounds confirmed they were inert M69 practice and training rounds, presenting no danger. Officials believe the munitions were souvenirs owned by a now-deceased National Guard member who lived in the house.


Unexploded Landmine Removed by UK EOD

North Devon, United Kingdom A Ministry of Defence EOD team from Plymouth responded to a coastal home after a construction crew discovered a rusty WWII Landmine. A 100-meter area was cordoned off around the munition as the team removed it for safe disposal. The site was used as a gun emplacement during the war to cover the adjacent beaches against enemy landings.


Estate Sale Purchase Leads to UXO Response

Elyria, Ohio A North Ridgeville resident notified police after discovering an anti-tank shell in a box he purchased from an estate sale. The 106 mm recoilless rifle round, stamped with the year 1959, was detonated by the Lorain County Bomb Squad with the assistance of EOD from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Explosion At Ammunition Plant Results in A Death

Independence, Missouri an explosion occurred at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant killing one and injuring four others. The incident occurred at a mixing building.

An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the incident. The GOCO facility is operated by Orbital-ATK and produces more than 1 billion rounds of small-caliber ammunition each year. About 30 government employees work at the plant, including 29 civilians and one soldier, according to the email.

Officials with the ATF have secured the scene and determined the area to be safe, but the plant has been temporary closed until further notice.

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