Basement Renovations Result in UXO Find

Buffalo, New York A resident doing renovations in a basement found an odd object lodged between the floor and wall. Upon further examination, she discovered it was an old artillery round.

The woman called the Buffalo Police who called in the Erie County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad. ATF agents also responded to the scene. The xrays taken by the bomb squad proved inconclusive so the bomb squad contacted the military for additional assistance. An Air Force EOD team from the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station responded.


New Librarian Finds Civil War Ordnance In Office

Carlisle. Massachusetts A new librarian on her first day on the job at the Gleason Public Library came across Civil War era ordnance while cleaning out a closet. The ordnance was reportedly part of a Gettysburg collection of material donated to the town over a year ago.



Outer Banks, NC WWII Training Round Find

Hatteras, North Carolina A WWII era munition was found on Hatteras Island, the second in a week's time. The National Park Service found the ordnance in a remote area on the southern end of the island. Navy EOD was called to respond. They identified the item as a practice round and safely disposed of the item.


WWII Era RGP Components Brought To Police Station

Sunnyvale, California The city's police department was evacuated after a box containing WWII era grenades were brought into the lobby by two residents. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad was called to respond.

The bomb squad x-rayed the components of three rocket propelled grenades confirming the components did not contain any explosives. The bomb squad removed the items from the police station for proper off-site disposal.



Souvenir Found To Have Live Signal Cartridge

Whitman, Florida The grandson of a Navy veteran cleaning out a garage owned by the family came across an old souvenir his father brought home from his time in the Navy -- a miniature practice bomb. The practice bomb had been in the home for nearly 80 years tucked away in a garage.

The grandson who found the device reported seeing a charge in the tail fin assembly of the bomb. He took a picture of the device on his phone and showed it to the police at the station.



Diver Recovers Large Cache of Ordnance from Seabed

Shetland, United Kingdom A cache of ammunition was recovered from the seabed by a diver near Sellaness. The ammunition is suspected to be from a Naval warship and appears to have been in the water for long time due to the deteriorated condition. The exact quantity or types of ammunition was not reported.


Kindergarten Class Evacuated After Ordnance Find

Darmstadt, Germany Teachers evacuated a kindergarten after spotting an unusual item on one the shelves in a classroom. The police responded along with ordnance experts who identified the item as a WWII era incendiary device.


Cache of Spanish War Ordnance Discovered

Aragon, Spain Officers of Guardia Civil (Spain's law enforcement agency) uncovered a large cache of Spanish Civil War ordnance in the Jiloca river. Divers spent several weeks removing 538 UXO items from the shallow waters and thick mud of the river. The UXO was safely transported for off-site disposal.


Army EOD Technician Killed In Motorcycle Accident

Fort Hood, Texas Army officials reported that EOD Specialist Spc. James Thomas Smith IV, 23, assigned to the 752nd Ordnance Company, 79th Ordnance Battalion was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation by the Temple Police Department. Smith's military awards and decorations include the Nation Defense Service Medal and Army Service Ribbon.

Shelly Island WWII-Era Munition Find

Hatteras, North Carolina Rangers at Cape Hatteras National Seashore closed the off-road vehicle and pedestrian ramp to the Cape Point area after someone reported a suspicious object on the beach of the newly-formed Shelly Island.

A U.S. Navy EOD unit responded to investigate and determined that the object was a WWII training ordnance. The item was removed off-site for further examination and disposal.



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