Veteran's Keepsakes are Cause for Concern

Twin Falls, Idaho A southern Idaho family was looking through an elderly relative's belongings when they were shocked to find two WWII-era grenades. One was found inside a shadow box and the other mixed in with other memorabilia belonging to the 94-year-old veteran.

The man's son-in-law did some research and decide to report to find to authorities, according to the Twin Falls Police Bomb Squad. The grenade in the shadow box was determined to be inert, but the other was deemed live. The Mountain Home Air Force Base EOD team was called in to detonate the ordnance at a local landfill.

British EOD Responds to Hand Grenade Find on Beach

Yaverland, United Kingdom Bembridge Coastguard responded to reports of a grenade at the beach. The Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team cordoned off the area and called in the Royal Navy for assistance.

An EOD team from Portsmouth who was already out on another call responded to provide technical support. EOD identified the grenade as a WW2 Mills Grenade.



Artillery Shell Found in Bulgarian Riverbed

Plovdiv , Bulgaria A corroded UXO was discovered on the riverbed of the Maritsa near Plovdiv. The 91st Engineer Battalion for General Maintenance - Plovdiv has identified the item as a 37 mm artillery shell. The item was safely removed and transported to a secure location for disposal according to the press office of the Ministry of Defense.


Suspect Show and Tell Item Sparks School Evacuation

Isleworth, United Kingdom Officers from the Metropolitan Police were called to The Blue School in Isleworth after a child brought in a WWII shell in for show and tell. The London Fire Brigade also responded to the call for a reported UXO on the campus. A school-wide evacuation was ordered, and a 200-metre wide cordon was put in place as the ordnance (specific type not reported) was safely removed.

Extra-Crispy Mortar Uncovered at Construction Site

Illawarra, New South Wales Workers unearthed what appeared to be a WWII mortar at a construction site at Albion Park in the Illawarra, NSW. The rusted UXO was successfully removed by the Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit and no one was injured. An image of the round was posted on the NSW Police Facebook page prompting a series of comments stating that it resembled a "piece of chicken." One person commented, "It looks kinda like a KFC drumstick," while another joked, "Mmmm. Deep-fried mortar."



Grenade Found At Recycling Center

Luxembourg, Germany The Schifflange recycling center was temporally closed after a live grenade was found mixed in with the recycling debris. The Germany Army responded and safely removed the grenade for proper disposal.



Donated Grenade Leads to Goodwill Evacuation

Lake Worth Beach, Florida A Goodwill Outlet Center was evacuated after the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad responded to a call of a grenade in the building. Reportedly the grenade (specific type not reported) was found in a box with other donated material. The bomb squad safely removed the grenade from the building and people were allowed back into the center.

GAO Suggests EOD Needs to Improve Forces Planning

Washington, D.C. GAO released a report titled "Actions Needed to Improve Explosive Ordnance Disposal Forces Planning" which documents their assessment of EOD's Forces Planning effort. The GAO assessment examined the effects of non-combat related duties on military preparedness. The report suggests that EOD readiness is degraded as EOD forces have experienced an increase in defense support of civil authority (DSCA) taskings such as VIP support.

The report found that VIP support missions--increased from about 248,000 man-hours in 2007 to over 690,000 man-hours in fiscal years 2017. In addition, other EOD DSCA duties such as assisting civilian law enforcement and rendering safe military munitions as requested by civil authorities also take time away from EOD's ability to complete it's military mission.


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