Hurricane-Damaged Ordnance to be Detonated at Tyndall AFB

Tyndall Air Force, Florida If you leave near Tyndall Air Force Base, don't be surprised if you hear some loud booms from now until March 8. Tyndall's EOD Unit is disposing of live ordnance damaged by Hurricane Michael. It's happening on Tyndall's EOD range, but officials say you may still hear sounds of explosions near the base. Tyndall leaders are working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to destroy the hurricane damaged munitions. Any "blast waves" felt or heard are extremely low-pressure and will not harm people or buildings.

Digging Dog Discovers Munition

Dorset, United Kingdom A British dog owner was surprised when his dog who isn't normally a "digger," began frantically digging on Studland beach in Dorset. When he went to investigate, the owner was even more surprised to find that the digging had yielded what appeared to be a WWII shell. He immediately called authorities.



Hoarder Home Houses Suspected UXO

San Diego, California Police, firefighters and the bomb squad responded to a home in Mira Mesa following reports of suspected military ordnance. The scare prompted the evacuation of several homes in the neighborhood while officials searched the cluttered house for possible incendiary devices.

According to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, there were several hundred rounds of ammunition and at least a dozen military ordnance left behind by a deceased relative of the family. Items included mortar rounds, shoulder rocket launch-type shells and various handgun ammunition. All ordnance was deemed inert and removed from the scene.

UXO Discovered On Off-Shore Windfarm Site

Scottish Coast 18 UXO items were found during a survey of the Moray East Offshore Windfarm project including 15 UXO in the North Sea windfarm site itself and another three found in the corridor leading to shore. A Dutch firm involved in laying the cabling for the project will reportedly assist with the UXO either through removal or offshore disposal. The development, due to begin construction in 2021, is expected to power more than 950,00 homes.

Magnet Fishing Nets Grenade

Kibworth, United Kingdom A 75-year old retired mechanic and a friend found a grenade while magnet fishing in the Grand Union Canal. The two called the police to report the find who advised the men to leave the area and not get any closer than 100 meters from the item



Public Warned Not To Handle UXO

Grouville, Jersey (Channel Islands) Authorities are warning residents of the coastal town not to handle any ordnance items found along the shoreline. The stern warning came after pictures emerged on-line of metal detector enthusiasts handling a WWII era shell.



Airport Temporarily Closed Due To UXO Finds

Rome, Italy The Ciampino airport was evacuated and flights diverted after three WWII era UXO items were found during construction work. An Italian Army EOD team responded and safely disposed of the items. The airport was re-opened after about three hours with several flights being delayed or diverted.



School Show and Tell Ends With a Bang

Devon, United Kingdom A student brought an ordnance item to school for 'show and tell' but concerns raised the following day lead to a response by the a Royal Navy EOD team. The item was in the student's house for decades as it once belonged to the student's great grandfather.


The student decided to bring in some his great grandfather's war medals and a few items of memorabilia, including the munition, to show the 9 and 10 year old classmates. After the item was brought home, the student's grandfather questioned if item was live. Concerned, he drove the device in the trunk of his car to the Barnstaple police station.

The police evacuated the area and called in the Royal Navy EOD team to dispose of the item. EOD disposed of the item in a controlled detonation.

A teacher at the school indicated in statement to the press that the school is reviewing its procedures for 'show and tell' In light of the incident.

Hand Grenade Found In French Potato Shipment

Hong Kong A hand grenade was found among a shipment of French potatoes when they were unloaded at a food processing factory. Workers called the police who responded to the Calbee snacks factory with a bomb disposal team to dispose of the UXO.



DoD Replaces 6055.09M with Defense Explosive Safety Regulation 6055.09

Washington, D.C. The Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) released Defense Explosives Safety Regulation (DESR) 6055.09, to replace DoD 6055.09-M, DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards.

Changes to the old Volume 7, now titled UXO, Munitions Response, Waste Military Munitions, and MPPEH incorporates some interesting new requirements for DoD Components. Examples include:

  • Notifying DDESB and the respective explosive safety offices of "repetitive explosives or munitions emergency responses to a discrete geographic area, where the circumstances surrounding the explosives or munitions emergency response are similar."
  • Work "collaboratively with environmental regulators and safety officials toward resolving, in a mutually agreeable manner, any concerns with the planned disposition of UXO during a response action."
  • Acknowledging that environmental regulators and safety officials "may challenge a DoD field expert's decision and seek to elevate their concerns to higher levels of authority for resolution."


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