Couple Digs Up Grenade While Gardening

Scotforth, England A civilian couple digging out a distressed tree in their front garden got the shock of the day when a grenade "rolled out of the soil." According to one of the finders, "You could tell it wasn't a normal rock. It was oval shaped and I was tapping it with a stone and my husband said 'that looks like a grenade' so I stopped tapping it!"

Lancaster Grenade


Airport Runway Closed Due To WWII-Era UXO

Okinawa, Japan Airport officials were forced to close a runway at Naha Airport on after construction workers uncovered an unexploded bomb likely dropped by U.S. forces during WWII. The bomb was discovered near the airport's No. 1 runway, according to a spokeswoman for Naha city.



Navy EOD Disposed UXO From Waters Off Lanikai

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii The U.S. Navy's EOD team, Detachment Mid-Pacific, safely set off C-4 explosives attached to UXO off Lanikai Beach. The detonation was the culmination of an all-day UXO removal for the special Navy team in cooperation with the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources.

Hawaii Bomb


Projectile Removed From Business in Tennessee

Cleveland, Tennessee The Cleveland Police Department Bomb Squad responded to a call of a military ordnance that discovered on the property of Industrial Valve Sales & Service. When the bomb technicians arrived, they were taken to a large projectile that was sitting on a pallet. The bomb technicians determined the item was safe to transport to a remote location for destruction.



WWII Grenades Ignite During Excavation

London Colney, England A, EOD team was called in after 16 white phosphorous WWII grenades were found by builders. The unexploded grenades were unearthed under a patio near an old pub in London Colney.

A digger clearing land for new apartments reportedly ran over the grenades igniting a fire. Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue were called to the scene, but the EOD team was called in and the area cordoned off once it was apparent that ordnance was involved.

EOD placed the grenades into a water filled container until the they were destroyed through open detonation procedures. No one was injured and the cordons were lifted.

Grenade Found on Beach Relocated to Street

Grève d'Azette, Jersey Police suspect that an unsuspecting civilian picked up a grenade that washed up on the beach and carried it to a city street where it was left on the side of a wall. Others spotting the item called the police and the island's bomb disposal officer was called to provide technical support.



Mans Finds Munition While Gardening

Omaha, Nebraska A civilian landscaping in his yard came across a buried object. Thinking it was an old pipe, the man started to dig around the item to uncover the obstacle in his way of planting. When he uncovered the item, he quickly realized that the item was not an old pipe but a projectile.



Baltimore District Releases MAMMS III Solicitation

Baltimore, Maryland The USACE Baltimore District has released the long awaited Military Munitions Services (MAMMS) III, Munitions and Environmental Response Services solicitation. The scope of work covers MEC and Munitions Constituents (MC) investigations, operational range support clearance, construction support for the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP), and Hazardous Toxic Radioactive Waste (HTRW) investigations and remediation.

The District plans to award eight IDIQ contracts with a total shared capacity of $240 Million, including a Small Business reserve of a target of four (4) contracts. The IDIQ contracts will consist of a five (5)-year base ordering period with two options for 1 year each for a total potential contract period of 7 years.

Unlike previous MAMMS contracts, there are no set asides or partial set asides for SDVOB, Hub Zone, or 8A companies. Proposals are due under solicitation W912D-R-0051 on 19 May 2020.

Boys Find Munition Item On The Beach

Yaverland, United Kingdom A Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team was called out to the beach when two boys playing on the beach reported a suspicious item. The Coastguard Rescue Officers arrived on scene and sent photographs to the Royal Navy EOD team, who have deemed the object to be potentially a viable explosive.



Former Bomb Disposal Tech Dies of Coronavirus Complications

Riverside County, California David Werksman, a 22-year deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department died of complications due to the coronavirus. Werksman joined the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in 1998, working in the jails, on patrol before joining bomb squad, an assignment he held for 11 years before moving into the Sheriff's Department's administration unit, handling public records requests.



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