Civil War Artillery Shells Removed from Backyard

Sumter, South Carolina A civilian was building a planter in his garden when he came across two rusted iron objects. After putting them aside for a few weeks, he decided to do an internet search of the larger item. His search led him to suspect the object as a Civil War era artillery shell.



Canadian EOD Respond to Trail for WWII UXO

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Vernon Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were called in after a pair of hikers stumbled upon what was believed to be an unexploded WWII ordnance while walking near a trail in Cosens Bay.

In a statement, Cpl. Tania Finn, media relations officer with the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP, said "Given the paint markings on the device, it is believed to be a live ordnance. We have the area cordoned off in order to ensure the safety of park users while we await the attended of the Canadian Forces Explosive Disposal Unit from Esquimalt."



Memorial Day Message

On this Memorial Day, please remember all of those who served this great country in the Armed Forces - especially the brave men and women of EOD.

In these times of social distancing, don't forget that you can still reach out (from six feet away) and thank a Veteran for their hard work and sacrifices.

For those who lost their lives fighting for our country, "We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we may be free." Former President Ronald Regan, 1983.


WWI Ordnance Found During Pipeline Project

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Workers upgrading the water lines on the grounds of Bodelwyddan Castle uncovered artifacts dating back to WWI including evidence of munitions. An archeological team was called with support from a civilian UXO contractor to investigate the finds which included spent 303 rifle cartridges, barbed wire, and reportedly fragments of mills hand-grenades as shown below.



Ordnance Components Found In Shipment of Potatoes

Dunaegyhaza, Hungary Hungarian EOD forces were requested by police to investigate suspicious metal objects found on the property of a local potato plant. EOD reported several ordnance related items including fuzes and No. 101 Mk II type British-made World War I artillery detonators.

The potatoes reportedly came from Normandy and authorities suspect that the ordnance components likely were mixed with the potatoes during large-scale, machine-harvesting of the potatoes where objects similar in size are screened from the ground.



WWII Bomb Uncovered at UK Work Site

Kings Hill, United Kingdom An Army EOD team was called in after a WWII-era UXO was discovered on a building site. According to police, the Royal Logistics Corps (Ordnance) was immediately notified to safely dispose of the item. This is the third wartime bomb to be unearthed at the site since June last year.

Hiker Stumbles Upon Old Ordnance

Mill Valley, California The Berkeley Police Department bomb squad successfully disabled what appeared to be old UXO discovered by a hiker on a popular hiking trail, according to the Marin County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff's Lt. Jesse Klinge said a hiker just outside the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, found two rusty military-green ammunition canisters, one above-ground and the second partially buried near the trail.

The nearby trails were closed off to the public while the bomb squad disposed of two devices and the area was reopened the next morning. It's unknown how the munitions ended up on the trail.

1920s Era Hand Grenade Discovered In Garden

Ballacolla, Ireland A resident was digging in their garden when the discovered a hand grenade. They called the police and an Irish Army Bomb Disposal team responded to provide technical support. EOD identified the item as a 1920s era Mills grenade. An exclusion zone was setup around the item before an open detonation disposal was carried out on the item.


Woman Finds Ordnance While Gardening

Weymouth, United Kingdom A 49-year old woman gardening at her home struck an object about a foot deep in the ground. Thinking it was a large stone or pipe, she took it inside and began washing and scrubbing it with a brillo pad to get a closer look.



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