EOD Respond to Dangerously Damaged UXO on UK Beach

Hengistbury Head, United Kingdom The Coastguard team at Southbourne was called to Hengistbury Head following reports of possible ordnance found on the beach. EOD was also requested to respond after confirmation that the item was indeed UXO.

A Coastguard spokesperson said, "Once on scene we located the first informant and got 'eyes on' of the possible ordnance. Once we had established it was a WWII 2-lb shell, we set up a secure area and created a suitable cordon of the area. We then awaited the arrival of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from the Royal Logistic Corp of the Army."

EOD deemed the shell too damaged to transport, so they safely detonated it on the beach. Following the incident, the Coastguard team issued a public announcement urging members of the local community to notify authorities if they spot anything they suspect to be ordnance or pyrotechnics on the beach.

'Shelved' Mortar Round Finally Dealt with a Year Later

Rich Hill, Missouri An employee looking for tools in a Missouri city-owned building discovered a live military-grade mortar round which, according to reports from Bates County Sheriff's Office, had first been discovered about a year ago. At the time, the UXO was placed on a shelf and forgotten.

According to a Facebook post from the sheriff's office, sheriff deputies and the Rich Hill Police Department were first to respond to the building after reports of the discovery. The Lee's Summit Bomb Squad then reported the find to the Kansas City Bomb Squad, which then notified EOD based at Fort Riley, Kansas.

An update from the sheriff's office reported that the U.S. Army Bomb Squad detonated the mortar in a controlled explosion. The update reassured residents in the area, who may have heard a "large explosion," that "everything is ok."


WWII Artillery Shell Found on Construction Site

Wrexham, North Wales Workers on the site of a new housing development in Wrexham notified North Wales Police, Ministry of Defence (MOD) and an ordnance expert after discovering a potential UXO during construction.

In a statement from police, residents in the area who reported hearing a large boom similar to a fireworks explosion were assured, "We had a report of an unexploded device. The EOD attended and conducted a controlled explosion."

The MOD confirmed, "We can confirm the Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from Chester Troop, 521 Squadron, 11 EOD Regiment RLC was called out to attend an incident at a building site in Wrexham yesterday. Upon inspection the item was found to be a 105mm shell and was safely detonated in situ this morning at 08.14hrs."


Man Finds Grenade In Basement and Delivers It to Police

Sandy Springs, Georgia a homeowner cleaning out his basement found a grenade amongst other items in storage. The man drove the device to the Sandy Spring Police Department as he was concerned it could be live.

Police evacuated the building and called the local police department bomb squad who determined the item to be live. EOD from Dobbins AFB was called in to provide technical assistance with transporting and disposing of the stick grenade.

It's unclear how long the grenade was in the man's basement but he was reportedly a Vietnam Era veteran so authorities suspect that it may have been a war souvenir.

WWII UXO Leads to Large-Scale Evacuation in German City

Furth, Germany An American WWII air bomb was discovered in the German town of Fürth, prompting the evacuation of over 1,200 residents and employees in a 300-meter radius, according to city officials.

The dud bomb, which weighed around 225 kg, was discovered on a construction site west of Fürth, a town near the city of Nuremberg.


EOD Responds to Cache of 18th Century Cannonballs

Loiusbourg, Nova Scotia EOD Technicians from Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax responded to the Fortress of Louisbourg to carefully remove an estimated 100 cannonballs that date back to the 1700s. The UXO has been collected by Louisbourg staff "over the years," according to Joint Task Force Atlantic.


EOD Delivers Spectacular 'Wall of Fire' at Air Show

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina Air shows presented by the US military are popular and awe-inspiring, but sometimes the excitement rises to a new level when the show includes an impressive pyrotechnic display known as the "wall of fire."

A recent show at MCAS Cherry Point offered viewers just that. This "wall of fire," orchestrated by highly-skilled EOD technicians, was around 1,000 ft long and several hundred ft tall.

The demonstration, typically the finale event of a show by aerial teams like the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, is designed to mimic an aircraft dropping bombs on the airfield.


Emergency Response As Elderly Woman Throws out Mortar with Her Trash

Manchester, England An 82-year-old woman sparked an emergency evacuation after she left a WWII-era bomb out with the trash outside her home in Greater Manchester. She reportedly found the old mortar shell three weeks prior among a bag of debris in her shed.

Police, firefighters and bomb disposal experts responded to the scene after a concerned neighbor saw it while helping the bring in her trash bins after collection day. The neighbor advised her to move the piece of ordnance to her backyard garden. Luckily family members looked up the item online and alerted emergency services after realizing the potential danger.


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