Boy Finds Fuze While Metal Detecting

Burnham-on-Sea, England A 12-year-old boy metal detecting got the surprise of his life when he found an old artillery fuze. The boy described the incident to reporters covering the story:

"This is the fuse that I found whilst I was out metal detecting in a field in Mark. It is dated 1916 and was shot out of a cannon."

"We called the Police and they sent out two officers in a van who took me in the vehicle to show them where I dug it up."

"The sergeant went through the hole and luckily found nothing further. When we got back, the police sent pictures to the Army and they deemed it safe and that I could keep it."

Mother and Son Drive Trench Mortar Home

North Yorkshire, England A mother and son had quite an unexpected adventure when they went on a magnet fishing trip on Mother's Day. While magnet fishing in River Rye, the son caught a rusty old item he first thought to be part of an old camping stove or farm machinery and decided to take his find home. The pair reportedly drive over 50-miles home with their newly found "treasure" in the backseat.

However, when the arrived at home, they examined the item further and started became concerned so they went on-line to see if they could identify the item. After some web searching, they become alarmed that the item was ordnance and decided to contact police. The British Army's Royal Logistic Corps bomb disposal squad responded and identified the item as a British Trench Mortar Bomb. The item was safely disposed of without incident by the EOD team.

In an interview, the grandmother of the boy said, "My daughter contacted me last night to tell me the bomb squad was on their way from Catterick after she contacted the police about something my grandson had found whilst magnet fishing in Helmsley on Mother's Day. It turned out to be an unexploded WWII mortar bomb."

Young Magnet Fisherman Hooks a WWI Grenade

Oxford, England A 9-year-old boy visiting his aunt had quite an adventure when he reeled in an antique stick grenade from the River Thames. Elijah Hearn pulled up the rusty UXO from the river after a group of experienced magnet fishermen on the shore offered to let him give it a try.

In an interview, Hearn said he didn't have much luck on the first try, but on the second throw, "that's when the man told me we found a bomb. He told me to stay back."

The ordnance, identified as a WWI era grenade, was safely removed for disposal by authorities. His mom said, "It's interesting. I think it's quite exciting, as long as it's not live."

The group of magnet fishermen who witnessed Hearn's catch said it has found "at least" five 100-year-old hand grenades in the river along with three handguns.

Turmoil in Cleveland Bomb Squad

Cleveland, Ohio Six members of the Cleveland Bomb squad resigned over alleged safety concerns with their new supervisor. Reportedly, the six officers were especially incensed after a recent training exercise at the Airport was conducted with live explosives vs a simulant potentially putting personnel and the airport at risk.

In their resignation letters the officers said they would return to the unit if the supervisor was removed. According to Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Herold Pretel, there are no immediate plans to remove the supervisor as investigations so far has turned up no wrongdoing. But police officials have added an extra supervisory position to the unit.


Bill Introduced Honor Vietnamese Supporters and Fund UXO Removal Efforts

Washington, D.C. The Legacies of War Recognition and UXO Removal Act was introduced by Senators Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin) and Jerry Moran (Kansas) to recognize contributions of Southeast Asian communities to the United States military during the Vietnam War.

The Bill acknowledges specific individuals and Vietnamese American communities who supported the U.S. during the war by evacuating refugees, rescuing U.S. pilots shot down in enemy-controlled territory, and /or gathered key intelligence for the U.S. military.

In a press release, Senator Baldwin said, "Americans are indebted to the Hmong-Americans and other Diasporas from Southeast Asia for their service and sacrifice to support our troops in the war in Vietnam. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation to recognize and honor the efforts of these brave refugees and immigrants and work to do right by those communities who are still facing the consequences of the war."

The legislation also authorizes funding for the removal of landmines and other UXO left behind in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos and would provide financial assistance to programs for those injured by landmines and other legacies of war. According to Baldwin's press release, there are tens of millions of UXO remaining in the three countries. Over 50,000 civilians in Laos, 38,000 civilians in Vietnam, and 65,000 civilians in Cambodia have been injured or killed by these remnants of the war.

Download the full text of the legislation from

Grenade Found During Construction on Site of Old Ordnance Depot

Suffolk, Virginia Construction workers dug up an old UXO while digging in an area that was once home to the Nansemond Ordnance Depot.

The Fire & Rescue Department, Virginia State Police Bomb Squad, and city police officers all responded. The bomb squad safely removed the UXO which was identified as an inert grenade.

Archaeological Survey Team Finds UXO

Kennesaw, Georgia A team of archaeologists conducting a metal detection survey in preparation for a new hiking trail at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield found an intact Civil War era ordnance item. The survey team notified the police who dispatched the Cobb County Police Department Bomb Squad to respond to the call.

According a posting on the Cobb County Police Department social media site, the round was identified a 157-year-old parrot shell that "was discovered 10 inches below the surface and was used extensively in the Civil War by the Union Army."

The 2,965-acre Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park preserves the battleground where Union and Confederate forces fought from June 19 through July 2 in 1864. The fighting was part of the Atlanta Campaign, during which "more than 67,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured," Explore Georgia says.

Tree Stump Removal Results in Ordnance Find

Nantucket, Massachusetts a resident removing a tree stump was shocked to uncover an ordnance item. The resident called the police who responded with the local fire station. A Massachusetts State Police bomb squad responded to safely transport and dispose of the item.

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