Youngster Finds Mills Bomb on Irish Beach

Cultra Beach, Ireland A young boy contacted the Police Service of Northern Ireland after he found an unexploded grenade on a County Down beach. An Army technical officer responded to the scene and confirmed it was a live WWI "Mills Bomb" hand grenade.


Garden Find

Herne Hill, United Kingdom Construction workers working on an addition to a residential property ran into ordnance while digging the foundation for a kitchen expansion. One of the workers, a builder from Romania, was the first to find the ordnance. He reportedly lifted them out of the ground with his bare hands before brushing the dirt off.

Authorities were called to respond after the workers alerted the homeowner, a 42-year-old mother of two. When bomb disposal personnel confirmed the ordnance was live, they sent police door-to-door to evacuate the neighbors.


A Bazooka Birthday for Mississippi Boy

Moselle, Mississippi An 11-year old boy's birthday was made even more special after a visit from a U.S. Army EOD Team. The Jones County Sheriff's Department (JCSD) responded to the scene after the 11-year-old pulled a suspicious item from the mud by a creek near his home.

The fifth grader said, "I thought it was a pipe, but I grabbed it and I found a missile from Russia." He wanted to keep it, but his alarmed parents wisely notified authorities.

Once on the scene, JCSD contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who dispatched the EOD Team from Fort Polk, LA. The device turned out to be a spent training round from an M29 bazooka.


Not All 'Veggies' Are Good for You

Central Province, Kenya Kenyan police responded to settle a dispute between villagers in central Kenya over whether an object they found was an overgrown root vegetable or ordnance. The verdict was reached once Police arrived and identified the item as a mortar.


Grenade Discovered by Maintenance Staff

Suffolk, Virginia Suffolk Fire & Rescue and Suffolk Police responded to the scene of a UXO discovered by maintenance staff behind an unoccupied townhouse in Suffolk. Virginia State Police Bomb Squad and Navy EOD were called in to remove the unexploded grenade (type not reported).

According to Suffolk spokesperson Tim Kelley, two nearby residential buildings were evacuated as the units removed the grenade for further evaluation. No injuries were reported and an all clear was given. Officials are still investigating the origins of the ordnance.

Suspect Sea Mine Washes Ashore

North Somerset, England A Coastguard team was call out to the beach in Weston-super-Mare after a suspected 'sea mine' washed ashore. An EOD team was called to respond to investigate and identify the item.


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