WWII Era RGP Components Brought To Police Station

Sunnyvale, California The city's police department was evacuated after a box containing WWII era grenades were brought into the lobby by two residents. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad was called to respond.

The bomb squad x-rayed the components of three rocket propelled grenades confirming the components did not contain any explosives. The bomb squad removed the items from the police station for proper off-site disposal.



Next Time Stick With a Garden Gnome

Buena Vista, Colorado When a homeowner dug up a WWII-era 57mm armor piercing (AP) projectile over five years ago, he decided to place the munition in his garden as "yard art." Recently, however, reports of the unusual d├ęcor reached EOD specialists from Fort Carson who responded immediately to remove the UXO to a nearby ranch for detonation. UXO finds are common in the area which was used as a training ground for the 10th Mountain Division based in nearby Camp Hale during WWII.


Time Bomb Prompts Bomb Scare

New York City, New York The NYPD Bomb Squad was called to a Manhattan construction site when workers dug up an old aerial bomb. After further investigation, it was determined that the ordnance was not live. The bomb was actually purposely buried on-site as part of a stunt pulled by a nightclub back in the '80s. The inert bomb, reportedly purchased a military surplus store, was filled with documents and mementos to serve as a time capsule.

Although the public and the bomb squad were never at risk as the item was inert, the 30 year old stunt certainly cost the city in terms of resources. It also inconvenienced businesses and residents in the area.


Man Drops Live Munition Off At Sheriff's Office

Boulder, Colorado The bomb squad was called to respond to the sheriff's office after a local resident dropped off a munition. Reportedly, the man wanted to dispose of the ordnance, described only as an "old projectile" and decided to drive it to the sheriff's rather than call police. The bomb squad was able to safety transport the item for off-site disposal.

Church Says "Thanks, But NoThanks" for the Donation

Allentown, Pennsylvania The Allentown bomb squad and a Pennsylvania state bomb technician responded to a South Whitehall Township church after someone dropped off a box containing a WW I-era military ordnance to be sold at the church's garage sale.

The item, identified as a detonator for a piece of artillery, led to the evacuation of the parking lot as the bomb squad safely removed the item from the scene for further analysis and proper disposal.

Fire Sparks Detonation of Dutch Ordnance Collection

Etten-Leur, Netherlands Residents in a Dutch town were surprised by a series of explosions when a shed containing WWII munitions caught fire. The fire sparked detonation of many of the munitions which were reportedly part of the homeowner's ordnance collection. An EOD team is investigating.

Some of the items found were very dangerous, including phosphorus grenades. The remaining UXO was disposed of by EOD. It is unknown why the shed owner had such a large (likely illegal) collection of WWII munitions.



Illegal Ordnance Collection Detonates in Shed During Heat Wave

Hennef, German An ordnance collection haphazardly stored in a shed detonated resulting in a fire. The items belonged to a 51-year-old man who reportedly purchased the items (illegally) at a flea market. The man, an amateur ordnance collector, was arrested for illegally possessing and storing explosives.

Bomb disposal experts responding to the scene shut down a stretch of railroad and a highway and evacuated several homes in the area due to concerns that the heat from the fire could cause additional explosions. The remaining ordnance, reported as WII era munitions, were destroyed in a controlled explosion in a nearby field. Police are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident with further charges potentially pending for the alleged offender.



Citizens Implored to Refrain from Trashing UXO

Totnes, United Kingdom Officials are appealing to people using Devon County Council's recycling centers to think twice about the items they are throwing out in an effort to save time and resources of the waste council and police. The plea comes after reports of a UXO disposed of in general waste at a recycling center in Totnes.

A cardboard box, found in the residual waste container, was removed by a staff member. Before sorting the box to the cardboard container, he noticed the the UXO along with some spent ammunition. The center was closed for several hours and police were called to the site to examine the ordnance, which was later removed by the bomb squad.


Beach Bomb Better Left in Place

Chatham, Massachusetts The Massachusetts State Police sent a bomb technician to the home of a man who brought a suspected explosive device home from a Chatham beach. The item was identified as a WWII practice bomb. Officials remind the public if you come across any suspicious item to leave it in place and call 911.

Marine Marker

Backseat Bomb Blunder

Allston, Massachusetts A man drove to the Boston Fire Department, Engine 41 Ladder 14 firehouse, with a very strange "passenger" in the backseat. He arrived at the station with an old mortar in his Jeep (shown below).

Back Seat Mortar


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