Fishing Trawler Snags Depth Charge

Block Island, Rhode Island A trawler fishing four miles off the coast line pulled in an explosive catch when their nets captured WWI era a depth charge. Upon discovery, the crew contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, who then requested assistance from the U.S. Navy.


Man Brings Home Unexploded Artillery Round

Berry Springs, Australia An Australian man is lucky after the UXO he found and brought home was safely detonated by bomb experts. He reportedly called authorities to let them know that he had transported the 25-pound explosive from the Manton Dam area back to his Berry Springs residence approximately 18 miles away.

Police immediately responded to the residence where they determined that the explosive artillery round used in WWII was "unsafe to travel long distances". According to a statement from Superintendent Shaun Gill, "A nearby block of land was cordoned off and the device was safely detonated."

Gill added that the public should never move any unexploded devices they might come across, "If the public ever come across or have any suspicions about military ordnance, it's important not to move them and call the police immediately. Instead of moving the device, mark the exact location and contact authorities who will attend and safely remove the item."

WWII Bomb Unearthed in Poland is Safely Removed

Wroclaw, Poland Several thousand residents of Wroclaw, Poland's third largest city, were evacuated after a massive WWII bomb was discovered during construction on a housing estate. Army EOD responded to remove the device and safely detonate it at a military training range.

Marek Gwozdz, a spokesperson for the army training center for engineering and chemical-response teams in Wroclaw said, "An aerial bomb weighing about 500 kg was found at a depth of about four meters. After reconnaissance and consultations with the police, it was decided that the unexploded bomb would be removed."

A 1,000 meter cordon was established and a voluntary evacuation ordered while the ordnance was disposed of safely by the technicians. Such finds are common in Poland which was heavily bombed by invading German forces at the start of WWII and later by Allied forces during the subsequent German occupation.

Site of New Housing Development Plagued by Calls for UXO Finds

Shrewsberry, England West Mercia Police and bomb disposal experts were once again called to a building site in Shrewsbury after receiving a report of suspected unexploded ordnance. This marks the fifth time EOD have been called to the sitewhere new homes are being built on the former Copthorne Barracks, former home of the Army's Western Division headquarters.

A 100-meter safety cordon was put in place and officers urged people to avoid the area as the UXO was investigated and safely removed for proper disposal.


Parking Lot Cleanup Leads to UXO Discovery in Saipan

Marpi, Saipan Marcelino "Max" Aguon made a startling discovery while cleaning the parking area of the Grotto in Marpi  a WWII UXO. Aguon's boss, Ray Sablan of Parks and Recreation, who was also at the site at the time, notified authorities of the find.

A Department of Fire and Emergency Services specialist responded to remove the unidentified ordnance for proper disposal. Aguon took the opportunity to remind community members who may find ordnance to call 911 immediately. Do not touch or disturb it, he said.

Warning Issued after Training Rounds Wash Ashore in Oregon

Newport, Oregon Police issued a warning after what appeared to be several hand grenades washed ashore on an Oregon beach. Officers responded to the area between Yaquina Bay State Park and Agate Beach in Newport, according to the Newport Police Department.

Three separate devices were reportedly discovered with labels that read, "Warning Explosive." The labels stated that the devices were "Simulator Hand Grenade M116A1s," used to simulate battlefield noises and effects during military training exercises.

The Oregon State Police Bomb Squad responded to safely remove the devices. Police urged the public to be cautious when encountering such potential UXO and to leave suspicious items in place and call 911.

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