Diver Recovers Large Cache of Ordnance from Seabed

Shetland, United Kingdom A cache of ammunition was recovered from the seabed by a diver near Sellaness. The ammunition is suspected to be from a Naval warship and appears to have been in the water for long time due to the deteriorated condition. The exact quantity or types of ammunition was not reported.


EOD Called To Investigate Suspect Underwater Object

Kua Bay, Big Island Hawaii Officials from the Kekaha Kai State Park were called to investigate a suspicious looking object found in the shallow water. The object, shown below was approximately two feet in diameter and weighed 150 pounds.

Due to the history of UXO in the area, the area was closed to surfers and Navy EOD was called to investigate.


International Collaboration Munitions Sea Disposal Clearance

Munda, Solomon Islands New Zealand's Royal Navy is providing two ships to support a partnership between New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. to clear sea disposed munitions from around Sasavelle Island. The UXO clearance is being conducted in support of the Pacific Partnership mission. Forty UXO specialists are reportedly scheduled to support the clearance which is scheduled to commence this week. The clearance operation is scheduled to conclude by the July 4th holiday.

Cyprus Looks for Help With Dumped Underwater Munitions

Zygi, Cyprus The Cyprus Government has asked Greece and Israel for assistance in addressing underwater munitions dumped of the coast of Zygi, a fishing village located in the south. Following an environmental assessment requested by the United Nations, a report shows that the Cypriot National Guard dumped about 167 types of munitions in the sea in large quantities between 1980 and 1993. The request came from Cyprus' Defense Minister Fotis Fotiou and was based upon concerns over explosives safety and environmental hazards. Reports indicate thet the Defense Minister also plans to seek assistance from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

UXO Impacts Underwater Pipeline, Government Denies Assistance

UXO Impacts Underwater Pipeline Path, Government Denies Assistance

Canberra, Australia The Australian Department of Defence announced that it will not provide technical assistance to address UXO in the Timor Sea to support the construction of an underwater gas pipeline through the area. The 550-mile pipeline, under development by a Japanese oil and gas company, is designed to connect the Ichtys Field to a processing plant in Darwin.


Fishing Vessel Nets UXO EOD Responds

Gosport, United Kingdom A fishing vessel brought up a UXO in its nets between Stokes Bay, Gosport and Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The captain of the fishing boat reported the find to the Coastguard who responded with a Royal Navy EOD team. EOD inspected the UXO and decided to lower it back in the water for the time being. EOD plans to schedule a dive team to conduct a controlled detonation of the item in the upcoming days. A temporary exclusion zone has been established around the area and a notice to mariners has been issued.


UXO Concerns Raised Again Over Underwater Pipeline Project

Helsinki, Finland The Environment Ministry is requesting more information and details on the potential environmental impacts of the planned Baltic Sea gas pipeline including impacts resulting from disturbances and potential explosions from underwater UXO before they will consider to allow the project to move forward in Finnish waters. They are also demanding that Russia make available its own environmental assessment of the pipeline.


River Bed and River Bank UXO Clearance Project Planned

Belgrade, Serbia The European Commission and the Serbian Government are developing a plan and jointly funding an effort to clear UXO from the Sava and Danube rivers. The underwater UXO river clearance project is designed to address the UXO in the river beds and along the river banks to make the area safer for maritime transit. The source of the UXO was from bombing that occurred in 1999 when a 78-day bombing campaign was conducted by NATO forces to remove Serb troops from the then province of Kosovo. Due to history of the area, the potential exists for WWI and WWII era UXO to be in the area as well.


Old Torpedo Found Lodged in Ferry Pier

Ayrshire, United Kingdom Divers working on the Largs Promenade Ferry Pier discovered an unexploded torpedo buried within the underwater structure of the pier. The workers called the Royal Navy to report their unusual and potentially dangerous find. The Royal Navy dispatched an EOD team from Faslane Naval Base to respond and provide technical support. The pier was closed and a 100-meter safe area was established during the 4-hour incident.


Underwater UXO Training Focuses on WWII UXO

Solomon Islands Divers from Australian EOD Clearance Dive Team Four and a Bomb Disposal team from the Solomon Islands Police Force are working together to clear underwater UXO remaining from WWII. The clearance effort is part of a training cooperation program between Australia and the Solomon Islands designed to train and educate the Solomon Islands Bomb Disposal Force in finding, recovering, and disposing of UXO including underwater munitions.


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