WWII Rounds Found At Construction Site

Peterborough, United Kingdom An EOD team from RAF Wittering responded to a site on High Street after reports that a set of four WWII era 40mm anti-aircraft rounds had been unearthed. EOD safely relocated the rounds to a nearby field and carried out a controlled disposal operation. A search of the area did not reveal any additional ordnance items.

40mm rounds

German Bomb Techs "Squash" the Report of UXO Find

Bretten, Germany An 81-year-old German man called police claiming to have found a WWII-era bomb in his garden. Police responded to the scene and were relieved to find that the "bomb" turned out to be a particularly large zucchini plant.



Beach Evacuated As Potential Bomb is Found Washed Ashore

Brixham, England A beach area was evacuated after potential UXO washed up near the breakwater in Brixham. A Navy EOD team was called who arrived to investigate the item. EOD identified as the item as a flagpole anchor weight, The beach was re-opened to the public.


Fisherman's Tale Had Us, Hook Line and "Grenade"

Middletown, Ohio A grenade was found in the Great Miami River by a fly fisherman who was standing almost 20 feet from shore in 2 feet of water.

Fortunately, the fisherman was recognized the device for what it was and contacted local police who responded with technical support provided by the Butler County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad. A spokesman described the device as an "old pineapple grenade" and indicated that the device was still live.



MMRP Program Manager Position


MMRP Program Manager position available in a growing munitions and environmental services company with a strong munitions program including explosives contaminated buildings decontamination, chemical sampling, munitions treatment and disposal, and an explosives neutralization/metal precipitation and stabilization product. Due to strong growth, a seasoned MMRP professional with experience in large project management and building / leading field-based teams responsible for UXO operations is needed.

Primary Duties:

  • managing munitions-related projects
  • client liaison
  • project logistics
  • scheduling/budgeting
  • contributing to business development initiatives
  • building teams/ personnel development
  • developing a structured munitions demilitarization and building decontamination and deconstruction service line

Must have previous experience leading field-based UXO operations and adept at running multiple small to medium size military customer programs. Experience with USACE clients is highly desirable within the U.S and International. A military background with EOD experience is also a plus, but not required.


German EOD Team Responds to Overseas U.S. Army Training Site

Grafenwoehr, Germany A 150-pound, WW II-era bomb was found on the construction site for a new school at the U.S. Army's Grafenwoehr Training Area. The discovery prompted an evacuation of residents living nearby and the closing of some roads in the area.



Raise Your Glass to UXO

Bedford, United Kingdom While digging in a garden, workers came across some unusual looking items. Not knowing exactly what the items were, they threw the items into a work-dumpster. However, believing the items had some historical value, one of the workers decided to save a few to show his friends and family over at the local pub.

When the items were pulled out of the man's trunk at the local pub, the pub owner became concerned as he recognized them as potential UXO. He decided to send a picture of the ordnance to the police. The pictures were passed along to a Northolt bomb squad, who responded to the site and confirmed that the unknown objects were indeed UXO.



That's No "Peace Pipe" - That's a UXO!

Basildon, United Kingdom While treasure hunting with his wife in Pitsea, a man came across what he believed to be an old pipe. Luckily for the two, the man was knowledgeable enough to recognize that the pipe he had dug up was actually a munition item.

He contacted police, who in turn contacted a Ministry of Defense Bomb Squad. The bomb squad arrived and identified the item as WWII era ordnance (exact type and nomenclature not reported). The item was safely and successfully detonated by the bomb squad to eliminate any threat.


UXO Prevents Effective Firefighting

Fredericton, Canada Hazards from UXO are causing problems for firefighters on the military base at New Brunswick's Gagetown base where fires are believed to have started due to training activities involving munitions. The explosives safety threat from UXO in the area has prevented firefighters from going in on foot to combat fires effectively.

A spokeswoman for the base has assured all concerned that the firefighters are ensuring that the fire cannot spread outside of the training area. In addition, she stated that alternative methods of combating the fire were being considered, including bringing in aircraft water tankers to fight the fire.

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