Charleston EOD Remove Explosive Collectible from Shed

James Island, South Carolina An Air Force EOD team from Joint Base Charleston removed an old UXO from a home on James Island. The James Island Fire Department and Charleston County Bomb Squad were also called to the scene after a woman found the device in her shed.

The area was blocked of and neighboring homes were evacuated as EOD removed the ordnance to transport it out of the neighborhood for disposal at Joint Base Charleston.

James Island Uxo


Recent UXO Finds Removed From Island Police Station

Tulagi, Soloman Islands EOD from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force safely removed WWII UXO from Tulagi in the Central Islands Province to Honiara. The munitions were found in two separate locations and were being held at the Tulagi Police Station until they could be retrieved by EOD.


The area is littered with WWII ordnance and residents have been warned to take precautions when gardening, digging during the construction of a new house and diving in the sea.

Old Ordnance Found Along Irish Road

Co Kildare, Ireland An Army Bomb Disposal Team was called to the scene by police when a Civil War Era munition was found along a local road. Several houses were evacuated and a cordon established as the bomb disposal rendered the ordnance safe.

British Bombs Derail British Popstar in Germany

Essen, Germany British singing sensation Ed Sheeran's "Divide" tour met with an unexpected roadblock when the venue in Essen had to be moved from the Essen-Muelheim airfield to Dusseldorf because of suspected UXO.

Organizers of his upcoming summer performance there recently learned that 103 bombs dropped by British planes are believed to still remain buried and unexploded on the airfield.

"Double Trouble" as EOD Respond to UXO on Beach

Mappleton, United Kingdom Four bombs were found on an East Yorkshire beach, two by beachgoers, the other two by EOD responding to the scene of the first two finds. HM Coastguard at Hornsea were called to the scene of the discovery but quickly realized EOD was needed.


A cordon was put in place as the incoming tide made it impossible to render the explosives safe. Following the high tide, EOD safely disposed of the munitions through four controlled explosions.



Old MacDonald Had a Bomb

Walters, Oklahoma An EOD team from Fort Sill responded to the Cotton County Sheriff's Office after a farmer dropped off a military UXO at the station. The parking lot of the sheriff's office and courthouse were evacuated and the area cordoned off as the team arrived to take possession of the round, believed to be a WWI smoke round. The farmer and others in the community were reminded to leave potential explosive devices in place and contact authorities.

Storm Exposes WWII Era UXO

Devon, England Recent storm Emma that pounded Slapton Beach caused severe erosion exposing at least two UXO items including a US M1AI AT mine and a WWII era bomb (exact nomenclature not reported). The two finds were found over a two day period.

Slapton Sands was the location for Operation Tiger, the code name for one in a series of large-scale rehearsals for the D-Day invasion of Normandy, which was conducted in April 1944. Live naval and artillery ammunition was used during the exercise to make it as real as possible in an attempt to accustom the soldiers to what they were about to experience.


Hidden Ordnance Found During House Remodel

Newport News, Virginia A house remodel turned EOD response when a couple found a WWII bazooka behind a panel in their garage. Realizing the potential danger, the homeowners contacted the Newport News Police who responded with the Newport News Fire department.

The pair was removing paneling on the garage walls when they found a container which read "Container M-87." Police on the scene called in the bomb squad who rendered the munition safe, then took it to Naval Weapons Station Yorktown for proper disposal.

NN Ordnance

Phosphorous Flare Found on Popular UK Beach

Watchet, United Kingdom The Watchet Coastguard issued a safety warning to members of the public after it found a UXO on popular Lilstock Beach. Upon arrival, the team located the suspected ordnance, identified as a phosphorous flare, and established a safety cordon around it. After consulting with a Royal Navy EOD team, it was determined that the flare could not be destroyed until daylight. Members of the public were warned not to approach or touch the flare.


Catch of The Day, Unexploded Grenade?

Mansfield, United Kingdom A 12-year old boy magnet fishing underneath a busy bridge pulled up an old grenade from the river. Intrigued by the item, the boy decided to bring it home with him to show his parents. When the parents looked at the item, they immediately called the police.



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