Tide Claims Possible UXO on UK Beach

Isle of Wight, England A Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team was called to Forelands Beach after a member of public reported a possible ordnance. The team was joined by the Royal Navy's Diving and Threat Exploitation Group.

According to coastguard spokesperson, "The crew attended again this morning and confirmed the ordnance was no longer there. It was likely moved or washed away by the tide."

Gas Cylinder Sparks UXO Scare on UK Beach

Eyemouth, Scotland Coastguard teams responded to an Eyemouth beach for reports of a suspect ordnance item. After photographing the item, a decision was made to leave it in place due to the rising tide.

A follow-up assessment revealed that it was a gas cylinder which closely resembles some WWII ordnance.


EOD Responds to Ordnance Washing Ashore in Outer Banks

Kill Devil Hills, NC Navy EOD responded along with local Authorities in the Outer Banks to a call for ordnance that reportedly washed ashore near a residential area. Dare County Emergency Management Director Drew Pearson described the ordnance as "small" (specific type not reported) and "very old, possibly even World War I or pre-World War 1 vintage." EOD safely transported the ordnance for proper disposal.

Warning Issued after Training Rounds Wash Ashore in Oregon

Newport, Oregon Police issued a warning after what appeared to be several hand grenades washed ashore on an Oregon beach. Officers responded to the area between Yaquina Bay State Park and Agate Beach in Newport, according to the Newport Police Department.

Three separate devices were reportedly discovered with labels that read, "Warning Explosive." The labels stated that the devices were "Simulator Hand Grenade M116A1s," used to simulate battlefield noises and effects during military training exercises.

The Oregon State Police Bomb Squad responded to safely remove the devices. Police urged the public to be cautious when encountering such potential UXO and to leave suspicious items in place and call 911.

UXO on Sussex Beach Prompts Coastguard Warning

Chichester, England Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team responded to Medmerry Beach after reports of the discovery of potentially "highly explosive" ordnance.

The team confirmed it was ordnance and a thorough search of the area uncovered additional munitions related items.

"Photos were taken and sent to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team," a Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team spokesman said. "Unfortunately, the incoming tide covered the items before EOD arrived so the team stood down to return later on in the day."


UXO Found on Scottish Beach

Lochaber, Scotland UXO was found on a beach of Kentra Bay, also known as the Singing Sands, in Scotland. Salen and Kilchoan Coast Guard Rescue Teams were initially tasked to examine the military ordnance, according to a recent social media post.

The Coast Guard secured the area and placed a printed sign to warn others of the hazard as they called the Royall Navy for help in disposing of the hazards. EOD responded and safely countercharged the items.

Suspect Item on Beach Leads to Multi-agency Response

Workington, England Whitehaven Coast Guard Rescue Team was called in after reports that a walker had discovered a suspicious object on a West Cumbrian beach. The team responded to locate and assess the item believed to be old ordnance and relay those details to EOD experts. Royal Navy divers also responded to assist Coast Guard.


Beach Shutdown after Boy Finds Suspected UXO

Leysdown-on-Sea, England A UK beach was closed after a family uncovered a suspected UXO. Tracy Ryan took her children to Leysdown beach on the Isle of Sheppey to cool off on a hot summer day only to have her son uncover ordnance in the sand.

Ryan said, "My son walked out on the mud looking about and came back with part of a bomb. We didn't think it was anything so put it to one side, but when a friend came along we got him to check it and he said he thought it was an unexploded bomb."


Suspect Sea Mine Washes Ashore

North Somerset, England A Coastguard team was call out to the beach in Weston-super-Mare after a suspected 'sea mine' washed ashore. An EOD team was called to respond to investigate and identify the item.


Munition Washes Onshore at Maui Beach

Lanai, Hawaii Maui Police Department officials responded to a call from the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources after personnel located a UXO that had washed onshore at Hulopone Beach Park. An Army EOD team was notified of the find.

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